How can I allow my PbP players to edit their posts?

I can't seem to find the moderator tool that lets me change it to "You can edit your posts" and one of my players really wants it. Any idea how I do this, or do I need to write to the Webmistress?

Hi there. That's a setting in the administrator's control panel. Send an email to with the name of the forum you're the moderator for that you'd like modified to allow user editing, and any other settings you'd like changed for it, and we'll take care of it. :slight_smile:

Hi again. I just made that change for you. :slight_smile:

Could you check this again, please? My players report this is still a problem.

I'll back that up. No "Edit" option for players (this one, at any rate!) in the "Unknown Cargo" saga, tho' I know it's turned on in some of the other games.

That's really strange. I just re-checked, and it IS set to let them edit their own posts, as long as they're logged in. I'll ask our webmaster to take a look.

Okay, apparently the forums just don't like your game. The correct setting isn't working. So I found a work-around that seems to do the trick. It should let you edit now. Sorry for the trouble!

And there was much rejoicing...[size=75]Yay...[/size] [size=59]yay... [/size][size=75]yay...[/size]
And the feeling was becoming mutual!

All good now, it seems- thanks for the effort!!! :smiley:

Thank you, very much.