How did I miss this?

Purchased now anyway. :smiley:

Couldn't find the physical verison anywhere, so now I play the waiting game........ (For some reason, whenever I type or say "Now I play the waiting game", I imagine it in Homer Simpsons voice).

However, was good to see some more info on the future after the Chi bomb. Wasn't too sure how to describe that to the players. Apart from 'Mad-Maxy' obviously. :slight_smile:

I personally am not a huge fan of the cybernetic apes with punny names, so in my case the Future Juncture is almost COMPLETELY Mad Max. The apes might be there, but they haven't featured in any of my games yet.

In the adventure I ran in the Future Juncture, a cyborg warlord named General Grundle was besieging an outpost of friendly wasteland survivors. The heroes met a scrappy kid from the outpost and decided to help the wastelanders transport a precious cargo of healthy babies (a handful of children who have survived being born in the punishing wasteland).

There were multiple chases across the desert wilderness with crazed warboys worshipping the corpulent cyborg General, eventually culminating in a battle on top of a massive bus between the heroes and a foe called the Serene Child, who gave violent unpleasant visions to any enemy who came near him.

It was very much inspired by Mad Max 2 and Fury Road. I just wanted a lot of chases, desperate wastelanders, and bizarre warlords.