How do Faerie Might work?

I have been looking but I am unable to find any reference on how the stat Faerie Might is working (same for Infernal Might). I know it is a power gauge of sort. But do is have any other purpose other then just indicating how powerful a being is?

Thanks in advance =)

Salve! Details on Might Scores are found in the Core Rulebook in the chapter introducing Stellatus, Tarlan the Wolf, Lord Marsyne, etc. Many further details are found in the Realms of Power books (Magic, Divine, etc).

In brief, here are the game mechanics for Magic Might. (Note that the Might Score is permanent, Might Points are temporary. Think of Score as a 'max' and 'Points' as a pool).
Might Score:
Gives a creature an equal number of Might Points to expend.
Is a rough indicator of how powerful a creature is.
Is used for calculating penetration. Penetration total = Might Score + Penetration Ability - (5x ability's point cost). So a creature with Penetration 2, Magic Might 20, using a power costing 2 might points, would have a penetration score of 12.
Gives Magic resistance equal to Might Score.
Can be permanently reduced, such as by Demon's Eternal Oblivion. This is permanent or nearly so. When reduced to zero, the creature dies completely.

Others can explain better than I, but this should be a good starter.

Thank you. I did a quick search in the rule book and read a litle in some sections where thought it would be found but I did not find anything even hinting it. =( I will take a look at the section you mentioned. Thank you again. =)