How do I ignore all topics started by an ignored user?

Is there any mechanism where I can ignore absolutely everything from a specific user?

(Yes, this question has been asked before, without any public answer, back in '08. That's not just thread necromancy--the software has changed.)

I already ignore their posts, but I still see threads originated by user. I want my page to be entirely free from any content originated or referring to the individual, forever.

A disclaimer: In fairness to the individual in question, the user doesn't post off-topic material, offensive language, or is any way hostile. I have simply never seen any value whatsoever in the user's posts or the discussion following one of their threads. I'd rather see half-page ads for sketchy cryptocurrencies using both flash animation and the blink tag than content from this user. YMMV

I did a Google search and couldn't find a fix. If you find one, please let me know.

From my searches on the forums, that feature is not currently in the software (though at least 2 of the devs have an ongoing discussion about it). It can be added by a third-party module or some programming, but that is far more complicated (and risky) than is warranted for my minor issue. Granted, reading the individual's posts and any responses elicited by those posts leave me feeling that I have lost IQ points, but I can simply not clicky the button.

Thank you for looking into the topic.