How do I shot magic?

Hai gais.

I liek the setting for Ars, but find the XBOX HUEG number of rules and supplements excessive. In particular, I don't like how everything seems to have its own specific rules, usually hidden away in its own book.

With this in mind, I was wondering if anyone else has contrived a simple, universal resolution system for Ars, one that can cover all rolls and situations with no need to look up tables or hunt thru at least 100 rulebooks for a specific mechanic?

But you shouldn't need everything that's available. In my play troupe we generally know the specifics for our own interests and characters (so at the moment I'm the resident expert on Verditius, while others know all about Guernicus and Bonisagus, for instance).

Storyguides will generally research the bits they want for their stories. So, in a story where the Divine features prominently the SG will pull out page numbers for auras/regionnes/angels/whatever and keep those to hand (or put stickies in place like I do).

We haven't started on the Ancient Magic content yet so we don't remember much about the mechanics. We'll read it properly when we need it.

There is a huge amount out there right now but nine times out of ten we refer to the core rulebook. Usually the magic, spells and obstacles chapters to be honest. You'll find most of what you'll need for your average session there.

Oh, and stick with it. There is a lot and it sometimes gets frustrating when you read a page three times and only find the point you were looking for on the fourth but I find stickies and underlining works a treat for me.

Good luck.

Oh, and I should say that for most things the following will be true:

Using Abilities:

Characteristic + Ability (+1 if the ability specialisation applies) + Die Roll vs. Ease Factor.

The Ease Factor can be set by the SG (usually a multiple of 3), set by some rule/guideline in a book (again, usually in the 3,6,9... sequence) OR opposed by some other force, usually a character.

The use of arts is similarly simple.

Technique + Form + Stamina + Aura. What you then do with that total depends on what and how you're casting.

You can generally add a confidence point to your roll for a bonus of +3 to the total.

Lab work has its own total. You'll generally use that between sessions so you'll have time to work out all the crunchy bits.