How do you learn about popup junctures?

When a new popup juncture opens, how do people learn about it?

I've got a couple of plans for my campaign heroes to visit a couple of popup junctures, but I'm not sure what's a good way to reveal the fact that "a popup juncture to Hong Kong '73 is now open!"

How would you find portals to it?

I tend to handwave navigation in the Netherworld pretty hard because I have a hard time imagining how you'd find your way from one section of a vague featureless space which can be shaped to look completely different than it looked the last time you were there.

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I suspect word just gets around, as representatives of each faction start scrambling across the Netherworld to get to the portals for some rapid looting. I seem to recall that the Jammers (or someone, anyway) had some kind of widget that could indicate how long a pop-up portal would remain open for - maybe that would also point in the direction of the portal, while in the Netherworld? Other factions might have their own toys that do the same - the Ascended's forces would probably have slick little black boxes, while the Lotus would probably have some kind of mystic compass.

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