How do you molest a faerie?

The oath I took said, "I will not molest the faeries, lest their vengeance catch my sodales also."
What does it mean to molest a faerie?
I read the peripheral code, but it seems really vague and arbitrary. It seems like it depends on why you did it and whether or not other magi get hurt. So can I stomp on a bunch of faeries as long as I had a good reason and no one else gets hurt? That sounds like a really dumb thing to do, but if I get away with it, does it count as molesting?

As Belladonna's storyguide, I humbly request that no one answer this post until after our next session. Some of your answers might affect her actions.



What, her parens didn't teach her this stuff?

Oh, I want to hear how this turns out!

These kinds of questions are a good reason why one would place a little xp in code of hermes and faerie lore...

Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!

And please do tell us how this turns out... :wink:

Furion, that sounds like a "molesting faerie", not a magus molesting the faerie. God, I hate Tom.



[size=134]A Redcap arriving at your doorstone delivering a notice for Wizard's War![/size] :smiling_imp:

Oh well. it seems we will have to take out of the vauls our 6 temporal +80 (was it +60?) penetration wands of BoAF. Isn't it great what you can achieve with a few warmongers working together in the lab? :wink:


And here I was intending to use an amicus Merinitae's willow flute of "Curse of the Faerie Jig" and dance you to your merry death while singinig ol' man Tom's songs... :laughing:

Oh damn. I am doomed!


Belladonna and I are having a discussion about exactly what she has learned in her apprenticeship.

... But maybe I'll fly Furion in to play the role of the faeries in our next session....

Ah maaaannnnnn! I wanna watch!

BellaDonna, does your character have any points in Intrigue?

-K! :frowning:
This game is really good at making sure you can't be prepared for everything at character generation. I could have spent all my points warding against every kind of faerie in existance and then someone would walk up behind me and hit me with a rock.

Ah well. Wish I could help.

Yeah, those Abilities come in handy even though they do distract from magical study. Being a Jack-of-all-Trades (and master at none) does have its advantages.

BTW, I'm not sure how your SG is running things, but in my understanding of the RAW, a Rego Vim ward aligned to the Fae instead of the Infernal should be able to keep the small fry at bay.

As an observation -- not a criticism -- I don't know what the author's intentions were in including all those "ward against faeries of the _____" spells in the different elemental arts other than, perhaps, allowing a character to ward against a very specific types and allowing you to put more XP into favored arts and less in Vim.

Good luck with your puzzle. We are very curious how it turns out.


I was just talking with a friend about how Mythic I want my next game to be. I mentioned wanting to run a game where many if not most peasants had a Fairy Lore at 1 or 2, and the wise woman a lot more because-- well, who wouldn't? This is important stuff to know. And pitty the poor magus who was raised behind an Aegis and not taught this stuff.

Thus you could have fun scenes in which the grog looks at the maga and says something like, "What, you don't cary a black handled knife on you for just such an occasion? Didn't they teach you anything in wizarding school?"

Or, you know, something.

The definition of "Molest" isn't really that difficult.

Most people, however, go for the immediate obvious "modern" definition of it.


Yeah...I GOTTA see how this turns out...

Ya see, its things like that, that just kill the market..
Next time, just see your friendly local Verditius and I (err) WE can whip you up something like this (or superior)...Pricing is reasonable...

ZOT! You forgot to ring the bell before you came into the Sanctum...

Just remember if there are no witnesses you cant be charged :smiling_imp:

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