How do you say Coeris?

Aha! Another dastardly evil culprit of spelling Phoenix as Pheonix i bet! :wink:




Or "pharoah," "wierd," et al. :astonished:

...So White Wolf spelled the name wrong or Atlas rewrote it? :unamused:


Oops. Someone fixed my dice...surely?

Maybe only a double botch - I didn't pull any muscles or have a spasm...

In my defence, m'lud, I would like to point out that I don't use the official houses in my own saga; and the only game I've played in was set in North America and that game's SG uses non-standard Domus Magnae too.

Nevertheless, since I've now realised it is in Transylvania, the name might not be intended to be in Latin. It could still be 'Germanic', but I'll stop digging my hole now.


I say it in Latin, so -- as David Chart said -- Koh-EH-ris.
As for the etimolgy, an Int + Artes Liberales roll of 15+ reveals several possibilities:

  1. It may be tempting to derive Coeris from Caesum ("cut" -- referring to the gate to the underworld) or Caesis (same root, "at [the place of] the killed"). Transformation of s into r (Caesis -> Caeris) is a common phenomenon in Latin, known as rotacism and documented by grammarians such as Varro -- for example Aurora used to be Ausosa. Far less common is the drift of the "a" into an "o", which is the most serious obstacle to this hypothesis.

  2. A more reasonable, if bland, hypothesis is a derivation through contraction from the verb Cohaereo/Cohaeresco ("cohere, stick together" -- the same root as the modern cohesion). Coeris would then be a rallying point -- or perhaps, again, a place where the mundane world and the Underworld are close.

  3. Phonetically, Coeris is uncannily similar to Coheres, "co-heir" -- almost indistinguishable, in fact. This would mark Coeris as one of the multiple inheritors ... of what? Tremere was certainly the "other heir" to the legacy of Guorna, but it seems unlikely that he would stress being the other and, implicitly, lesser heir. Maybe, just maybe, the name is witness to an older legacy. Once upon a time, there was a great place of power whose name we do not know, that was destroyed or abandoned for reasons that, again, we ignore. Some of the survivors may simply have scattered over the world, and eventually lost their heritage. The largest faction founded a new place of power, whose name, again, we do not know. A smaller faction founded what is now Coeris -- the otherheir* to the original place of power. A lesser heir, but still a heir. This is by far the hypothesis with the greatest story potential...

Bad latin is a beloved trademark of the early AM editions...

coerceo = surround, enclose, restrain, confine.
coercitio -onis f. = confining , restraint; (hence) punishment

coeruleus = caeruleus (poet. also caerulus) = blue , dark blue, esp. of the sea or sky.

Or (as mentioned above) it might not be Latin at all. That works too.

:smiley: A tradition that I carry on in my game to this day.