How do you say Coeris?


How do you guys/gals pronounce Coeris?



Mmh. Looking for phonetic... Ok i don't understand a thing.

Basically in my IRL group, we say Co é ris(se).


I thought that the "o" was silent when accompained by an "e." Thus "Seris" or "Keris." :unamused: ... ith_%C5%92

Maybe this doesn't apply cuz it's a "name"? :open_mouth:


Incorrectly. (I think that's the consensus... yep, pretty sure I do anyway...)

I'm with Cuchulain's Hound on this one.

Koh-eh-riss is my particular version of incorrectness, however.

More likely it doesnt apply because it´s not an English word? And English have so many exceptions around so half its rules may as well not exist anyway.

About the same as I say, methinks.

Ke-oris after playing too much Vampire in my misspent youth :stuck_out_tongue: .

Me too. With the stress on the middle syllable.

Some in our group cannot stop calling it KO-AIR-SIS, but that's more a reflection of how they see the House, I guess.

I've been using David's version as it sounds the most latin-friendly.

I've always (note: since I started playing AM, I've never actually spoken this name aloud) thought that it should follow Germanic pronunciation. Bjornaer herself was 'Germanic' (those who are aware of such things will realise that defining 'Germanic', particularly in olden times like 740, is almost impossible); it is located in what becomes a 'Germanic' area (again, this is debateable); it was probably invented by someone without a clue about any of this, or that certain vowel shifts hadn't happened when the name was supposedly bestowed on the location, and so I think it is Kur-ris. ie the e following the o modifies the o, often represented in German by an umlaut, so it sounds like a u, but not like a 'you'. (Compare the english words 'cure' and 'cur' - the first is spoken as if it were spelt 'kyour'; the second has a 'flat' u.)

I don't know if that helps anyone.

Also, as a non-latin house, I suspect that the name could have gone either way: the other houses might deliberately 'latinise' the pronunciation; House Bjornaer might make a point of insisting on the 'correct' pronunciation, etc. I'm now tempted to use this as a political point-scoring method in Tribunal meetings - some magi will try to annoy House Bjornaer, others will try to annoy the latin houses, and others will try to ingratiate themselves with any/all of them...

(Yes, I can speak German - moderately badly)


Not an English word? Right, thanks, that explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue: ! Any particular meaning or is just a "name"?


Coeris is Domus Magnus Tremere - what's Birna got to do with it all of a sudden? :question:

Heh, well i DID mean that it was a name not in English. I mean, if you try to pronounce "Njutånger" or "九州" based on English, it just wont be close to correct regardless if they´re names only or actually also means something.

The closest i could find for Coeris though, seems to be "koer" meaning dog in Estonian. :smiley:

That, my friend, is what a quadruple botch on a Hermes Lore roll looks like.

But I conclude that posting on this list is regarded as an action with significant risk. Otherwise why would you roll at least 4 botch dice to begin with?

If you get 4 botch dice for the Atlas Forums, I dread to think of the number assigned to the Berk-list...

And I went with something close to David's pronunciation last night. Otherwise I have been tempted to use coeur-is (as in French for "heart"). That would fit as a name for a covenant that is the heart of the house and should/could/would be the heart of the Order :slight_smile:


Yes, I know its wrong...I misspelled it all the way through HoH:TL until David's going "Is there a good reason for this change?" amd I'm "Change?" 8)

And a botch on profession scribe!

It's an interesting thread, anyhow.