How does Grappling works?

Hi All Great Mages

Hop some of you can help to clarify the grapple rulse.

Last night we used the grapple combat option for the first time, and I don´t think we understod the rules correct.
We use the rules in the core book, and in HOH:MC.

Can any one please give me an example of a grapple combat, betwen a Lion and a Warrior.
Including the Lion improves his Grappling strength and in a later round the warrior breaks free, and to the end where The Lion kills the Warrior with a succsfull grappling + bite attack.
Not nessesary in that order.

Characteristics: Cun +1, Per 0, Pre 0, Com -4,
Str +6, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik +1
Size: +2

Claws: Init +1, Attack +15, Defense +12, Damage +10
Bite: Init +1, Attack +13, Defense +9, Damage +9
Soak: +8

Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre -1, Com -1,
Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +2
Size 0

Axe and Heather: Init -1, Attack +15, Defense +14, Damage +6
Kick: Init -3, Attack +6, Defense +5, Damage +3
Soak: +8

Based upon my understanding of the rules in ArM5, I think Grappling is only intended to hold a foe immobile and thus cannot inflict Wounds or cause Fatigue loss.

I suppose I'd have the character use Scuffling to render the target unconscious then cut his throat... Or do you mean the Human attempt to grapple the Lion and be killed by the animal's escape attempts?

The rules in Houses of Hermes - Mystery Cults p. 42, says "If the creature has another natural weapon (such as a bite), it may add its current Grapple Strength to its Attack Total in subsequent rounds".
I think this means that the Lion can use it's lage teeth, to do damage to the warrior, but how is it calculated?

Nop, the Lion is grappling the Human.

I'm at work, sans rulebooks, but maybe . . .

The attacker generates a Grappling Strength # that the defender must beat to break free. An animal with natural weapons can use this # to add to a regular attack in subsequent rounds. So your lion grapples the first round and gets a Grapple Strength of +x, then the next round makes a Claws Attack roll and adds +x to that roll. Maybe?

Matt Ryan

Is the Grappling attack generetet from a normal Claw attack?

What total does the defender use to beat the grappling strength?

I think you mean Bite attack instead of Claw attack in the next round.

When the Lion uses its Bite attack, what total does the defender uses for defens?

Please any One?

short and tounge-in-check answer: it doesn't. Avoid it like the plague.