How does 'Interruptions' exactly work?

I am not sure I well understood. could you do an example, please?


If a player announces an action that is classed as an Interrupt, it takes effect immediately, interrupting the other (N)PC's action. Interrupts are also announced 'out of sequence', i.e. on another character's action.

So, a Dodge, for example, is a 1-shot Interrupt.
When a player announces a Dodge (usually in response to the GM announcing that an NPC is attacking them), the player's initiative counter will be moved 1 shot down the initiative track, so their next action will be later in the sequence.
The attacking NPC's attack will now be calculated against the PC's increased Defence (+3 due to the Dodge), which may make the attack miss completely.
This may result in players who do a lot of dodging not actually getting to attack in the sequence. This happens to Jackie Chan quite often.

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Thank you very much Simon!
That is very clear.

I wonder if there are other cases... for example... Can a hero 'interrupt' a foe or a boss while he/she is striking and attack in turn? (Spending shots of course...)

A hero can only carry out an 'Interrupt' if using a Schtick that specifies that it's an Interrupt (e.g. The Fox's Retreat or Tiger Stance) - or something like a Dodge, which isn't a Schtick, but is specifically an Interrupt.

So, a normal attack cannot be an Interrupt, while the Tiger Stance Fu Schtick allows counter-attacking before your opponent lands their blow.

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Thank you Simon.

so, the only interrupt a hero can do is a Dodge, otherwise the interrupt need always a Schtick, am I right?

Pretty much, from memory.
(I can't remember if there are other non-Schtick Interrupts other than Dodge, but to be frank, that's about the only one that my players use! Any actions that are not explicitly an Interrupt happen on the player's shot instead.)

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Thank you very much Simon!

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