How epic is epic?

How much damage do we want our characters to do?

  • If it doesn't affect our covenant, it doesn't matter.
  • The future of Scotland could well hang in the balance.
  • The Order of Hermes itself is in grave peril!
  • It's the Apocalypse! Run for your lives!

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So, I'm gradually coming up with ideas, on varying scales of epic-ness. But I would like some input from you, my sodales, as to what direction, or how grand, we would like the saga to go. So i'm making a quick poll. Granted, with only three or four of us (if that), I might have more options than players. But I do have at least a vague idea of what to do with each of the options I'm putting in the poll. And they're not mutually exclusive...if we go one way, I can at least put in side- or sub-plots with one of the other options, as well.

  • "If it doesn't affect our covenant, it doesn't matter.": The saga will focus primarily on trying to rebuild Insula Canaria and ensure that it will still be around after we're gone. The world will go on without us, and any actions we have will have little, if any, effect on the rest of creation.
  • "The future of Scotland could well hang in the balance.": There could well be changes a-brewin' in Loch Leglean, and Insula Canaria could hold the key as to how the Tribunal evolves. Whether it leans more English, or more Scottish, or withdraws and lets the muggles fend for themselves without any interference from the Order, or even if they decide that the muggles need a firm, guiding hand to make sure they don't slaughter each other.
  • "The Order of Hermes itself is in grave peril!": Events have been put into motion that, if left unchecked, could have dire consequences for the Order.
  • "It's the Apocalypse! Run for your lives!": Like above, but hairier and with longer, sharper fangs. The events in motion won't stop with the Order of Hermes, but they could have a long-term effect on the whole world.

I've got seeds of ideas for all four options (some stronger than others), but I don't want to force you into something that you don't want to run with.

I'm good with whatever, so long as Talia can continue to her slutty ways.

Secondary score: Grogs arrives in my grubby hands tomorrow. Ahoy, matey!

While I'd like to make sure Insula Canaria continues after we're gone, events may get in the way. My magus, as a Pralixian, is bound to get involved in things across the tribunal, so I think "the fate of Scotland may hang in the balance" would be appropriate for our characters and their motivations.

Of course, if the SG wants to have us face world-imperilling doom, that's entirely possible. Certainly, the only Ars game I've played where we've reached huge levels of power the SG started throwing bigger and bigger things at us, so we had to save Constantinople from certain destruction after our covenant leader stole the Holy Grail from beneath the city, interfere with the Pope, try and get one of our covenant elected Primus of House Flambeau, the usual really.

I don't remember how I voted, but for right now, starting small might be better and then working our way up. Get our Covenant in order and then maybe the Tribunal. I don't if this contradicts my vote or not.