How farfetched would this be...

A covenant founded by Hibernian and/or Norman Tribunal magi on the east coast of North America? Maine or in that vicinity?

I could see some conflict with our friends from Scandanavia, plus natives, but is there a practical reason this might not have happened (or could happen in the "near future" of 1220)?

oops, I repeat myself.

You aren't the first to mention such, but I can't find the threads on first pass. It's reasonable, just outside of most anything the books deal with.

Maybe someone else has the links?

Take a look at the map in Arts & Acadame (I think). There is no North America in Mythic Europe. Barring it's lack of existence, no, there is no practical reason why it couldn't have happened. :slight_smile:

I guess I don't find the lack of mention in A&A as an argument for North America not existing in Mythic Europe. To me it just shows that the erstwhile learned classes aren't as smart as they think they are. But then neither are the magi. :slight_smile:

I just wondered, having recently read a couple of articles about Irish and Breton fishermen frequently visiting Grand Banks area prior to canon period. Not to mention those pesky Norse fellows.

I found the two earlier discussions of North America. Thanks for suggesting them! Very helpful indeed.

Perfectly reasonable.

Seeing as how the Vikings landed in Newfoundland in 1003 (L'Anse aux Meadows was the first European colony in North America, nearly 5 centuries before Columbus), it's certainly possible that a magus with Viking connections and a bit of magic could have founded a colony on the eastern shores of North America. Stories of 'Vinland' could easily have attracted the attention of a magus who then prepares for a long journey to an untamed land of unlimited vis. :slight_smile:

"Unlimited" is not the same as "unclaimed," though. What North American magicians might one encounter, who already claim the vis or might otherwise oppose the Order's expansion into the continent? :smiling_imp:

If you want, you can say in your Saga that North America is where House Diedne, or Damhain-Allaidh, escaped to. Or you might want to pick up a PDF of the old Shamans book for ideas about how Native American magic might work.



Well it could explain where all the hickory comes from.