How feral IS Feral Upbringing?

Say the character only spent the first 11 or 12 years of life feral? At what point can practice and learning overcome those early hinderances?

It says "You may only choose beginning abilities that you could have learned in the wilds." So does this imply for the next 60 years of life? I would think not. So at what point could a person overcome this limitation?

"You may not start with a score in a Language." So what if you become a mage? Does this mean you could not learn Latin? I understand in the real world, when a child is born with severe social disfunction (it occasionally happens) where they are not taught to speak and are abused on level with being feral (wish I could word that sentence better) it takes many years of dedicated effort to have them rehabilitated back into society. But in the game it would seem you can not have a language at all?

So what if you are starting the game at the age of 40 and you were only feral say... the first 9 years. That is quite a long time to perhaps maybe pick up the fundamentals of a language, or folk ken, or even bargain.

And it's not a matter of taking the XP and then ballyhooing until you wiggle your way out. I mean could you take the flaw, perhaps cut the xp down to say 60 pts, and then by the time the character is say 25 she is somewhat socialized by the last 16 years of living in the world? What if the character is feral for 11 years but is taken as an apprentice and then given a steady 15 years of instruction, then by the time he is 40 would he be able to at least parley?

Always trying to ask the silliest of questions... ah hah!

So feelings and opinions on this topic?

PS I ask this cause I am hammering out a companion and I like the whole feral aspect making him have little more than one word responses to most questions, but also giving him that time tested appeal of the noble savage ((which the concept has it's own bizarre history dating way back to Gilgamesh and Enkidu and beyond))

Feral upbringing is a flaw only if the character starts the game as feral. If he socialized earlier it isn't a real flaw because it wouldn't have any story potential.
It is written in the description the character just joined the covenant or the human society.
Beginning abilities are those one takes during character creation.

Ah yes, it all makes sense when someone else points out the obvious.

Somehow I always seem to over look big large glaring problems with my reasoning. heh heh