How local are your sagas?

Title says it all, mostly. How close to home do your magi stay in your sagas? When they travel, how finicky do you get about resource management? Do you ever handwave seasons for characters who wander off alone?

In our group we have multiple storyguides, and one of them is of the opinion that it isn't an adventure unless you travel far away, like one or two tribunals. In one case we were in Loch Leglean and sailed all the way to Egypt repeatedly. This has been a real burden.

In the current one I am making a point of sending his mage to the literal ends of the earth and possibly beyond, depending on whether he takes the bait. His mage is now in the Canary Islands and I may well try to get him to the Arctic and Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the saga is being set as close to home as possible. Meanwhile, my character is a Redcap and I've pushed the existence of a Mercere Portal network and cheap access to same.

We keep an eye on expenses and management, and try to account for seasons as reasonably as we can.

My longer saga runed for 3.5 years and 60 years in game.
I make the poor guys travel for all know world and sometimes a bit beyound.

The only thing I tried to "manage" was time (because the seasons) and "navigation" because it's hard to find a path without a GPS.
But the focus was always in the different cultures and characters they meet in the way.

Once a Bjornaer make acquitance with a werewolf (calssic WoD Garou style) tribe in the forests of Novgorod.
They make "friendship" with a sort of master-mind-supervillain "golden" Tyalus in Constantinople.
Fought giants in Iceland.
Found a big nubian companion in central Africa.
Meddled with Tremeres in the Carpatos.
Almost get nailed by inquisiton in Iberia.
Seeked help from Saint Francisc of Assis to cure a demonic curse in Italy.

To much good memories =)

My longest saga we spent a lot of time running around the Stonehenge tribunal, but we did visit most other tribunals over the course of the saga and at least 3 trips into the magic realm. Towards the end there was a lot of running around the woods near our daughter covenant.

We also did a Bjornaer covenant set in the Aegean sea, that spent 6 months in the Aegean and 2 sessions where we went to Crintera and then investigated an ancestor site we'd been told about at the Gathering of Twelve Years.

One of our players is highly enamoured with Leap of Homecoming, tailored so that it doesn't warp his companion character and coupled with Flexible Formulaic Caster (for touch range on demand). Every magus he's ever played has done his best to collect rocks from all over Christendom and beyond, and then traded in favors/assigned apprentices/etc. to have those arcane connections fixed, all so that he and/or his companion could travel to any corner of the world in an instant. So, the stories he's involved in tend to include a great deal of travel indeed. The rest of us stay relatively close to home most of the time, so the covenant doesn't spend all that much on travel. The only real exception has been for Tribunals, which usually entail a large portion of the covenant traveling half-way across a region. For those stories, we don't sweat the small details unless the plot requires us to.

My current character, an eagle Bjornaer, also travels a lot. The covenant's located in the Pyrenees, and she's been to northern Africa, central Greece, Crintera, and Hibernia. Like the teleporter, her journeys haven't cost the covenant anything, as she flies alone and hunts for her food as a wild bird would do.

We've also had a pair of companions spend over a year tracking down the source of one of our enemies' wealth. They spent most of their time wandering about Italy, earning their passage on the sea by working as sailors and spending the covenant's money on shore. (And, of course, they picked up a rock near the outskirts of every major town.)