How make wiki?

Some PbP forums turn posts into wikis, which seems to be highly useful.
However, I am unable to find the «make wiki» function in the PbP where I am SG (Wake of the Schism). All I find when I search for it, is I should open the three dots under the post, click the wrench icon, and click «make wiki». However, the wrench is not there.

Any advice?

I believe you need access to admin right to make a wiki. You can open a thread I'll try to make it a wiki for you.

Isn't it posts, rather than threads, which are made into wikis?

This is the post I was trying to wikify: OOC: Character Concepts

It might make sense to restrict it to admins, but isn't this a privilege which PbP SGs should have?

Done. I'll let actual Atlas employees answer your last question :slight_smile:


The ability to change your own post into "wiki" is an ability granted when you achieve Master status.

Glad you worked it out. :slight_smile: