How Many Story Flaws Does Your Magus Have?

How Many Story Flaws Does Your Magus Have?

  • None
  • 1-2 Minor Story Flaws, No Major
  • 1 Major Story Flaw, No Minor
  • 1 Major Story Flaw, 1-2 Minor
  • 2+ Major Story Flaws or 3+ Minor

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For various reasons, I'm curious how many Story Flaws various characters have. I'm creating separate polls for both Magi and Companions, because I their respective patterns may be different.

Due to the limited number of poll options allowed, I've combined the higher totals together.

Feel free to list the specific Story Flaws of your respective characters.

Curse of Venus. Because it works well as a counterbalance for Gentle Gift - sort of like a Gift in reverse, really.

I thought there was a rule in the Core rule book that limited story flaws.

There is, but the wording isn’t absolute (you “should not”, I think). At creation, I do tend to stick to only one story flaw per character, but I could see circumstances where two would be possible and desirable.

I like major story flaws, and to an extent major personality flaws, because they tend to run away on me. They make a magus do things I would never do or even think of otherwise, usually without any SG intervention at all.

I stick to the 1 story flaw, but have a tendancy to use that flaw to gain an ally relationship rather than an enemy. Things like Favour or Mentor that should keep the impact of the flaw to my own character.