How much can you learn?

a few questions came up in our group last night.

When we play we typically focus on the story and less on the rules - however I have advocated better management of our progression.

  1. Are there any limits as to how much you can raise an Art score in a season? If I use Vis and gain, say 15 Xp, can I raise it from 0 to 5, or am I limited to less? (I know this question will more often come up regarding Vis than books)

  2. Can you experiment with Vis like with spells, magical items etc? The tables are kind of "limiting" the experimentation to these, and excluding Vis.

Thank you very much

I haven't played anything earlier, but back in 4th edition, you could not gain more than three levels in a season. I don't believe there is a limit now, however, other than the level of the source. Vis has no level, so it should have no limit.

5th ed has no limits, other than what the source qualities themselves limit. At lower levels, a good source send you skyrocting. But this evens out at higher levels, where the qualities are most likely lower.
By qualities i mostly talk about books. But vis study seems more limited in this edition than ever.

In 4th ed there was the "max 3 levels per season" limit. I kinda liked that, it meant the lower levels of arts weren't rushed through. Vis study worked differently then, involving a stress die, and a very lucky roll with a lot of vis could get you a lot of exp (or a lot of trouble on a botch). But the limit of 3 levels prevented unbalance. Back then you could also study Magic Theory from vis.

Before 4th ed, I know only of 1st ed 2nd printing. All book reading advancements were full level, not exp based. And books had only a level, not a quality. If the level was at least 3x your level, gain 3 levels. At least 2x (but not quite 3x) gave 2 levels etc. I can't remember how vis study worked back then.

Vis study cannot benefit from experimentation, ït's already "experimenting" or sorts. A lot of people have house rules allowing extra risk for extra gain, but remember that the "Extraordinary results" table listsv a lot lot of flawed creation/modified effect. And such events have no bearing on exp in an art!

Eh, it still involves a stress die+aura bonus.

Sure it does. Usually up to the GM to decide exact effects.
Several very useful Hermetic flaws, and a few virtues are very good for it, and aside from that, smaller effects that are extremely limited or special can also be fun.

Vis Study is not a lab activity, experimenting isn't applicable.