How terribly self-referential...

How do you get people to join your club?

You have cotton candy, magic 8 balls (tm), syringes, coke (tm) bottles, braces, and two weeks.

I'm leaving Ferguson as the TA to set up the next assignment, starting anywhere from one week onward. (Yes, this means if he starts in less than two weeks, you might be working on two assignments at the same time).

I take all of the cotton candy and distill it down to its essence ... pure energy! I use a syringe to inject it into one of my loyal minions, and send her out to wander the campus with signs saying "Join Our Club, Or This Minion NEVER Stops!" strapped to her chest and back. And a blowhorn. I'm sure the students at MSU will only be able to last a few minutes under the onslaught of super-sugar-rush-induced minion mania before they come begging to be let into our club. :slight_smile:

Ok I replace the "Grandmaster" of the "Ninja Clubs" braces with my secret mind control braces. The Syringes and Coke bottles are part of my secret mind control transmitter. (How does it work, well um I'm afraid the engineering exchange student who I got to build the thing said something about "phone home" and well it seems to have other transmitter function).

The grandmaster has her members raid all sugary items out of all the vending machines on campus. I then set up a "members only' cotton candy stand in the quad as the sugar deprived masses beat a path to my door... The magic eightball is used as an emergency missile weapon in case a sugar deprived mob forms.

Its perfect I tell you, perfect...

I'm going to have to do with the "feed the addiction" method here, so Sdelear gets the point.