How the sessions will play

Some points on how we'll try to run the game:

  • Each story will have two threads, one for the stuff related to actual play, and another for our of character discussions and such. The idea is that "in-character" statements, immediate actions, or actions that don't need to much planning or discussion go in the Actual Play, and the banter about what to do, or questions/discussions of game mechanics related to the story go into the Out of Character thread.
  • eg. Story: Xandar's Preplay - Actual play, and Story: Xandar's Preplay - Out of Character
  • or. Chapter 1: Stealing the Crown - AP, and Chapter 1: Stealing the Crown - OOC
  • this means its very quick to review what was said and done in the Actual Play thread, and not be reading pages of game mechanics.
  • Posting in a thread usually auto-subscribes you to that thread do you can follow when changes happen.
  • You will get an email if a reply is written after you've posted, so that you know something has changed. It won't however spam you for each comment/post between your visits.
  • A useful style to use is to write quotes around all the things your character actually says, "You mongrel, take that!" and anything out of character is written in [brackets].
  • Private content: if you have stuff you wish the GM only to know send it via the in-forum messages, or via email.

Rolling Dice

Most rolls will be performed by the players using a web tool called Invisible Castle. A few things like spot checks and such I might do, depending on the circumstances.

Using that you enter your character name and the roll you want, and it provides links to the rolls. It has two advantages that we will use:

  • all rolls are kept if you note a character name, so this is mandatory.
  • I can check the rolls and ensure that rolls are being down properly.

Invisible Castle -

Oh, and please keep it honest and ask for help if you need. If your rolls are suss for too long bad things will happen to your character (subtle).

A quick tip for reading the forums:

There is an app called Tapatalk which I've been using to read the forums here, and it works pretty well. Handy for reading on a smaller screen.