How to Avoid Scamming In Game

Allow me to express what must be on many minds... Huh? :confused:

He speaks the arcane and twisted language of World of Warcraft and it's siblings.

Such things smack of diabolism to me...



diabolism? I think our young sodales has just gone through a twilight experience after botching "aura of rightful authority" and is still somewhat addled.

On a line of credit. Clearly the botching the spell to make himself seem an authority figure has made him perceive others as undeserving of trust. He is saying "neither a borrower nor a lender be".

Once again botch induced paranoia, he is fearing that others will come to him claiming to be the relatives of his true friends and asking for assistance.
Or perhaps the miscast spell impelled others to attempt to bamboozle him

Perhaps he miscast thoughts within babble as well.

Yes thoughts within babble.... of course!! He attempted to cast aura of rightful authority while concentrating on thoughts within babble, this is a tricky thing and can naturally lead to severe botches. It all makes sense now.

Most likely, in the fairly near future there will be the appearance of spam in his post(s) or signature.
They start off by seeding a forum with 1 or more posts.

Remember the post about a completely different game not long ago?
Realise the similarity?

I guess we'll ban him if it happens. I've got to admit that I don't see a better explanation for someone making a very boring post about an MMORPG on our forum.

The same thing happens on computer forums, where the poster jumps in with something more or less completely irrelevant to the thread(but computer related instead), often not even comprehensible and later on, anything from days to months later, their sigs or locations or something suddenly sports spamlinks.
And sadly they┬┤re apparently not bots but people.

I think a sadly all-too-common variation on that spell, Babble within Thoughts (MuMe, Range:Personal). (And with apologies for borrowing from that-game-that-shall-not-be-mentioned...) No saving throw allowed. :unamused:

Hmm... Wouldn't that be Babble withing the Void? IMS this is classed as a PeMe spell, not MuMe. Being R:Personal it avoids MR completely anyway.


I can see that, sure. It's just that this is a level of "babble" that I would not think possible to achieve "naturally", hence the Muto, which covers the unnatural, unhuman and generally bizarre. But maybe there's a Perdo requisite required to achieve this level of sub-intelligence. ysmv.