How to catch a demon

(topic title inspired by the excellent Evil TV show - check it out!).

This night, I had a nightmare, in which there was demonS. So I cast an aegis, in order to protect everyone, but was then faced with the problem of people wandering out. For whatever reason, I didn't think of Personal wards, so I thought out the following, based on The Wicked Jar:

Rosary of Demonic Imprisonment (Lesser Device)
MuVi Gen
R: Arc, D: Moon, T: Ind
Unlimited uses +10, + xx for Penetration 2*xx
This humble, but sturdy cord casts this effect each round on its holder, binding a demon with Might no greater than (the level of this effect – 25) to a bead, whose appearance is altered depending on the creator's sigil (this was inspired by Shaka's rosary in Saint Seiya :smile:).

Since I couldn't detect demons (that pesky Limit of the Infernal, I thought of another way: If a demon tries to possess someone, or uses one of its powers on a person, that person briefly becomes an AC to the demon).

So, you'd send out someone (a punished grog, for example) with a full rosary. When they came back, you could just dump the beads in a Warded container, or DEO them to oblivion :rofl:

Hope this amuses you :smiley:

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Sorry, but where is this stated? I don't remember reading it anywhere, as far as I know the True Name of a Demon is the only way to obtain an AC to it.

I don't remember anything specific, just that a spell is an AC to its caster for a few moments (don't remember the source, though), so, by analogy, demonic powers should serve as as to their caster. The possession bit isn't stated anywhere, but it just made sense (twas a nightmare, I was doing what I could! :sweat_smile: )

maybe you should cut down on long roleplaying sessions late at night?

Possession makes this a little unclear to me. If you are targeting the person who is wearing the rosary, then maybe you are not targeting the demon; and you are causing warping. I would tend to use a 'activates at sunrise/sunset' to make the enchantment easier & slow down the warping, and --seriously-- how many times per day do you expect someone to be possessed?

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Of course, it'd warp the wearer of the rosary. That's the catch.

About possession, I've thought about it: Since the demon must put at least some of its might inside the victim, that creates a direct link, because it's still a part of the demon (if not the entirety).

I think, if the wearer is an acceptable target to affect a demon, then a DEO-like effect as follows:

(Base: 1; Range: Touch +1; Duration: Momentary +0; Target: Individual +0; 34 Added penetration +17; Unlimited uses per day +10)

for a level 29 (less than 30, so non-warping) DEO that destroys one Infernal Might per round on anything of might 35 or less that possesses the wearer.

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The item still needs to be triggered. Having unlimited uses is not enough to have the item triggering the effect every round. And I don't think there is amongst the proposed modifiers one that says automatic trigger.
Environmental trigger depends on some astronomical criteria, linked trigger relies on something else to activate the effect and since demon cannot be detected, it cannot be linked to an InVi.

You are right; it needs a linked trigger. Would 'While being worn' work? The device does not need to detect the demon, just a person wearing it.

I believe this is an example of "to be discussed with the troupe", and each group will have a different interpretation of the rules.
The specificity of this item is that it is not a constant effect, but a recurring effect, cast over and over again.
One solution could be to use the virtue Celestial Magic and one of the new duration Minutes to design a recurring trigger, and see if there will be a way to have shorter duration than minute. Two minutes is defined as the time it takes for the sun to move in the sky from its diameter (definition in the corerule of Diameter). If an astrologist is able to find a celestial phenomena that would be shorter, then it could be used in the item design.

"While being worn" is a kind of continuous effect so up to the troupe to decide it can keep re-triggering each round.


The bad news is that a level 29 spell still warps - sixth magnitude is 25 < Level <= 30. The good news is that whilst I can't remember a place where it's made completely explicit, generally uses per day and penetration in Enchanted Items wouldn't be counted towards the level for warping purposes, so what you actually have here for warping purposes is a level 2 spell.


Hmm, good point. I couldn't find (in a very cursory search) where the rules discussed the 'casting total' of an enchanted item. Since penetration (before multipliers) is 'Casting total minus spell level', a level 2 spell should be very easy to get a good base penetration on. The enchanted item property of 'better penetration' seems to modify the casting total, not the spell -- so, as described, the item requires a PeVi Lab Total of more than 29 to make any progress.

If the item was 'use activated' it could be made into a paddle, and someone could just spank the naughtiness right out of the possessed. Then you could deal with them as you liked. Non-possessed would not be lethally harmed, so... a good spanking for everyone!

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