How to make a spell to duplicate the effects of the Green Knight.

Can anybody suggest a way to use Hermetic Magic to allow a caster to temporarily remove their own limb or head and then safely re-attach it, mimicking the manner in which the Green Knight of Arthurian fame did so? (Though in context the Green Knight was likely a faerie who didn't share such concerns.)

Probably a ReCo effect. But if it is possible, what base would one use?
You could obviously duplicate this effect with Imaginem, but I am curious if the Corpus version is possible.

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Maybe with Harmless Magic, and using Perdo Corpus?

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Good idea, but is there anyway to replicate that if you don't have harmless magic?

Magi of Hermes introduces a new Muto Corpus guideline:

MuCo 5:

"Add or remove human body parts from the target in such a way that he no longer looks human. These parts are normally functional, although a spell may be deliberately designed so that they are not. The Target is Part, not Individual (although Group and higher Targets work as normal)."

So, you can use this to remove your head while staying alive, for the duration. You probably want to re-attach it asap after the prank.


Exactly what I was looking for, thank you.