How to make this spell? See through Opening the Intangible Tunnel

There is:
Eye of the Sage: base 4, but it is limited to seeing 1 pace only
Would base 5 (Sense a specific piece of information about a body) allow you to see more around them?

Level 20 InCo
Insightful Eyes of the Tunnel
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
Req: Imaginem
Lets you see a specific person and what is
within sight of that person. The image is
clear enough to allow reading.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +1 requisite)

Did I do this correctly?
I'm trying to get a level 15 if there is another option.


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I'd say no. use a different art that isn't focused on the body such as Imaginem.

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For some reason I was thinking I had to use their body, Thanks.
Just operating from the end of the tunnel (not body)

InIm Level 3: use 3 senses at a distance.

Level 5
Insightful Perception of the Tunnel
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
Lets you see, hear and smell from the other end of the tunnel.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc)

Does this look correct?

Realistically prying eyes would suffice as a spell, the difference being that instead of touching an outside wall you are touching through the mystic tunnel.

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Since I can non-fatigue spontaneous cast a level 5, I was looking to get the most out of it since it'll be tailored to touch casting.

Does it look correct?

@elementswarden : This is correct and useable. Just as The Prying Eyes. You can use Room target if you can touch - or have a Tunnel-like effect on - a thing in the room.

We had that two weeks ago already here.

One problem with using room target is that they must be in a space that counts as a room. A courtyard does count but walking on a road does not.

Going beyond HP p.79 What is an Intangible Tunnel Effect will quickly become house rules.
Compare for this ArM5 p.145 Summoning the Distant Image, which is also limited by T: Room.

Edit: There is Petalichus' (MoH p.101) To See as Though a Plethron Distant with its T: Special, which goes still a little bit beyond:

The Target is based on Room, but is more complex as it allows unbounded spaces to be targeted. Any area comparable to Room can be targeted.

IMO, this would only allow you to perceive the target individual.

To perceive more, you'd need either a bigger, classic target (as per Prying Eyes) or a Sense Target (as with Palm of Seeing).

Each has their advantages and drawbacks:

  • classic targets require an available, well, target (unless using a non-standard one)
  • Sense target convey everything through one sense, which sucks if the sense isn't adapted (Like perceiving sounds through your smell) => You'd probably need 3 different spells.

We had an expanded discussion on this some time ago, but I don't have the time to find it, sorry

@dc444 @OneShot Please read the core rulebook p. 114. middle columb last part about how formulaic magic can deviate from the normal R/D/T set.

So you can create a formulaic spell with Target: Special (Room) which can sense an area similar to Room size/6 paces in diameter.

SUMMONING THE DISTANT IMAGE is an example for this: you can use the spell without an actual room, and the Target: Room is a reference point to get an impression about how big is the sensed area.

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I know, that such spells can be accepted by troupe and/or story guide as Formulaic spells.

But we have:

So whether in a specific game it is allowed as Formulaic spell is besides the point of this thread.

Can you? That requires at the very least creative reading of "T: Room".

But luckily, we have:

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It looks like I will have to use a modified room as per Legends of Hermes.

View from the Mannequin

...This effect allows the wearer to see
his surroundings as though he were at
the location of the targeted object...

Effect: Base 1, +4 Arcane connection,
+1 Concentration, +3 Special
target based on Room, and one grade

So for my use it looks like Level 10
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +3 Special
target based on Room, and one grade

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@elementswarden : You know those effects are a puzzle for me. Why were they mixing different things in those spells?

The InIm GL clearly states than you can use two of your senses in a distance as Base Lvl 2 indicates (CRB. p 145.). I dont know why they used 2 InIm effects for hearing and view instead of one. And they clearly shouldn't have used the +3 Special Target.

In SUMMONING THE DISTANT IMAGE spell they used a Room-like target to sense the whole area in 360 degree point of view. If you want to see FROM a point (but not sensing the point itself you are sensing from or behind that point) you can use the the GL with the Target: Individual. If you want to sense the whole area - also BEHIND and AROUND your point of view -, you have to use a Room-like target instead of Individual.

This is the adequate adaptation of To See As Though a Plethron Distant. :smiley:


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@elementswarden : If I understand you well you want to use spontaneous magic. Every spontaneous spell must be in line with the standard R/T/D - in Formulaics you can deviate from them, but not in Spontaneous spells.
So you cannot use special R/T/Ds in spontaneous spells.