How to make this spell?

I've been thinking about a spell, but I'm not sure how to make it with the spell guidelines. Maybe I'm missing something here, but maybe I could get some help here?

Well, the spell should transform the caster into a group of animals, such as a flock of crows, a school of fish etc. These should of course be controlled by the caster and the point of the spell is that he should be able to survive even if all but one of the animals are killed. And of course, it's very creepy to see a flock of animals acting with one mind. :smiling_imp:

So how do we make this spell?


In the Muto Corpus guidelines thwere is a spell that transforms the caster into a bunch of water. I would use that as a guideline. Basically, you suffer wounds when the animals start to get killed, but unless they all are destroyed or widely separated one from the other, you survive.

The spell would add a magnitude for complexity (transforming itno a group of creatures instead of a single being) as long as it is a mammal land animal. An extra magnitude (IIRC) for birds etc etc, as fopr the normal guidelines.

Obviously, itr rewquires an Animal requisite.


Would it need Rego requisite to keep them all under control?


I don't think so. The animals are the mage. it is not like you need a rego requisite to move yourself, isn't it? :wink:

The spell will be in the 8th magnitude or higher, so yiu are already looking at a rather difficult spell.



Yes, it's a difficult spell, but impressive, I would say. :slight_smile:
Are there any hard rule on when to add a magnitude for complexity, or is it just decided by the troupe?


I actually had such a spell, It changed my body to a number of crows relative to my body levels, every crow dead would be one body level down (of course, this was 4th edition)

I did factor in one magnitude for group, and stated that the crows could not move far from one another or they would die (so I would not be able to fly out at 5 different directions and have part of me fly into arcadia or something like that, I imagined my leg coming back to me after three years drifting in arcadia)

I think the target would still be individual, since you are transforming yourself.
Next to that I would treat the flock, school or group as an individual for most purposes. Kind of like a swarm. In certain circumstances, individual animals can be targetted.

Magnitudes for fancy or difficult effects are assigned somewhat random.
IMHO you should add 1 or 2 magnitudes for making it a flock.
If you cannot be targetted as an individual anymore, it should have at least 2 extra magnitudes.

I also like Henricus' added restriction. No splitting yourself up.

Do keep the spell usefull though: I really like the idea and that is what counts most IMO. It the level becomes so dreadfully high that no magus will ever use it, reduce the added magnitudes.