How would one escape from being tied up?

So in my current solo campaign (which I am using Mythic GM Emulator for), I plan to have my character (a Killer) get captured and tied up by bad guys, and then have to escape his bonds, get his weapons back and get some revenge. It's a situation that some action heroes (James Bond among them) have had to deal with, and I'm curious as to how something like Feng Shui 2 would handle something like this.

AFAIK, there's not really an "escape artist" skill among the skills listed in the main book, though one could make a reasonable argument for something like Intrusion (which the Spy archetype does have) allowing for something like this, or a Strength check if all else fails.

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Since you're the only player in the game right now and don't have anyone else telling you what to do next, just makeup whatever seems fun and go with it! If you want to make this into an actual campaign later on then there are plenty of ways for your character to get more powerful as time goes on (like gaining levels).

Considering that this is Feng Shui 2 we're talking about, there aren't really any "levels" to be gained here like in more level-based fare like D&D and its many, many clones, but there are plenty of opportunities to increase skill levels, gain more skills or gain more Schticks through Awesoming Up.

I was just curious about this, since it didn't seem to come up in either the skill lists or the Blue Moon rules in the main rulebook. Speaking of which, I plan to use one of the Blue Moon rules in question (The Drop) to get my Killer into this situation, which he will be receiving an extra Fortune point for as per the rules.


I agree it could be done with Intrusion or Strength, to unfasten or break the bonds. I also might just go with telling the PC "make an attack roll". Lots of things in Feng Shui 2 can be done, basically as a "stunt", using your main attack value.

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