HR: disputatio

Hi all,

I want to introduce the teaching method of Disputatio as House Rule, and I want to share with the community the idea to make it better. I know that this method was used in middle ages universities, but the rules don't cover it. (If I'm wrong, Fire me :astonished: )

Disputatio will be a Teaching specialization. With this method one may teach to a number of students equal or minor to his Teaching score. The study total for all students will be:

Teacher COM + number of student 

with these modifications:

  • if the teacher has the virtue "godd Teacher", add 2 to study total
  • if all students have a positive INT score, add one more time the number of students to study total

With Disputatio could be possible to teach arts to more than one magus.
(the teacher must have a score higher of all student in the treated argument)

Opinions and suggestions?

Thanks, Vasili

Salvete Sodales!

Actually Disputatio had been a teaching method for academic abilities and arts in 4th edition, the other being lectio. Now there is only teaching, and I am sure that - if you want to describe a teaching session - this could as well be the disputatio style as a lecture. But I woldn't use your houserule - for two reasons:

  • I consider it as an advantage of 5th edition that the intelligence of a student has become irrelevant to his advancement totals. This was different in 4th, and this caused it to be the most important attribute by far. Taking Intelligence below +1 could be considered as a horrible mistake in character creation.
  • The teaching skill in the RAW allows to teach to skill*5 people at one time, so the main effect would be to allow this for arts, too. Actually I think that this would lead to an extremely increased average level of arts and might hurt the game balance. Beyond such reasoning the rule that arts can only be taught individually seems to be arbitrary - there are stories of mages with one apprantice as well as of those with a flock of them.

So, for these reasons I wouldn't use this HR, but of course it is your story. If you like the idea, go ahead.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

I say use it as a means to teach Arts to more than one student at a time as you said, but drop the Int bonus and use the full Good Teacher bonus. That would keep it close to core rules, and just adds a slight advantage (which wont brak the game)

Art & Academe has rules for disputationes, but not as a learning method. They are a way in which scholars earn renown and secure teaching jobs; and a way in which the masters determine the progress of their students. In game terms they probably contribute to whatever xp were gained in that season, either through teaching, practice or exposure. A season of teaching isn't just a master and pupil sitting in a classroom, and A&A is a great source for describing the sort of activitites that go on in a season of teaching.


(It was in 4th ed.) :cry: