HTML & BBcode supported

Trying to educate myself on what formatting is "possible" on the boards. Under the FAQ's ( it says...

"The guide"? "The posting page"? I'd like "more information"- where could one find these, please?

(Probably brutally obvious, but I'm just not grokking it.) :wink:

You might want to take a look at phpBB's own faq:

You might want to experiment, though. I'm pretty sure there are some tags that the faq doesn't mention.

Yeah, I did, thanks. Unfortunately, some of the codes mentioned are not implemented the same on these boards, and etc.

Hi there. If there's some setting you'd like us to change on the forums, or if you find a mod you'd like us to install, just let our webmaster Wendy know ...

why cant i use HTML ???

Because the forums use BBCode instead. See the toolbar right above the form where you type your message.

someone tells me that its not enough security using HTML.


Most of forum now are using bbcode and the html is turned off.

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