Humiliation and Block + Grab

p1: jab

p2: Block

p1: no responce

p2: Grab

p1: Humiliation

Q: in this senario, since p1 alowed the block to go thru, dose he just humiliate the grab? Or does this affect the block as well letting the jab (or whater else) to go thru?

Another topic on 2 blocks against a big combo said that only one block would be humiliated, but a topic on humiliation against the free attack after a poke in the eye said it cancels the whole combination.

The way my group plays it, the Humiliation is played in response to the Grab played by P2. So that is the only card that it would affect. If P1 would have played the Humiliation after P2's Block the Jab would have gone through. Something to note: P2 gets first shot at grabbing P1 after blocking his/her attack.

I agree, I play that the Grab is Humiliated, but the Jab goes through.

And don't forget to utilize the free attack granted by the Humiliation!