Hush Hush?

Any plans to offer Hush Hush as a PDF? Would love to buy it (and the core rulebook).



Yes. I've been doing a lot of PDFs lately (making one new one available each weekday), focusing on books that are actually still in print but are quite old and probably not carried by very many retailers (outside of Warehouse 23 and Amazon). I don't know when exactly I'll get it done, but Hush Hush is one of the books I intend to do. Just keep an eye on our front page, since I post a message there whenever a new book is available for download from e23.

Just bought the Hush Hush PDF from e23, so thank you kindly for that, John. Nice, crisp image too- must be OEF for that kinda quality?

Thx again, and hopefully one day I can buy the UA corebook PDF from you.

A happy customer


You're welcome, and thanks for the purchase.

Hush Hush is one of the books where we do have the original layout files, and I'm able to make a nice and clean (and relatively small) PDF from them. Some of the books I've done have posed interesting challenges, as when I've had layout files but in a really archaic format and without digitized images.

Watch for more PDFs to go online in 2011.