I’d like to try PbP, don’t know how it works

I’d like to try PbP, don’t know how it works. Is it literally by post? I’ve browsed some of the ‘GMs looking for players’ threads, and get confused by references to online real-time gaming. Time zones and real life time makes this sound impossible. But I could easily respond by post daily, on most days and at least briefly. It if requires long posts then a few times per week.

I’m interested in trying a game done by posting. As mentioned I’ve only played ArM face to face, but I have many years of experience, starting with 2nd ed in 1989. I’m well read in all 5th Tribunal books, and most other 5th supplements as well. Otherwise I’ll read them again.

So if anyone has a PbP saga starting, or an opening in an ongoing one, I could be interested. Just send a Redcap my way.

I have a new sage under "flight or fight", and it looks like "Light of Andora" might be picking up again... real rime online is done elsewhere, usually on discord.

I was looking under *GMs looking for players' but since thet last post in Flight or Fight was 19 days ago I may have assumed it was already either ongoing or not picked up.
What is the status of Flight or Fight? What did you end up with regarding Tribunal, covenant, saga theme etc? How many magi and what Houses/concepts?
And what are the practical details of playing, posting etc?

Slowly and badly?

SLowly I'm used to, it's not that different from my normal sagas. Time is an issue, people are difficult to coordinate.
But I was hoping for a bit better than badly :wink:

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