I do like Editors

I had a friend scold me for something I posted in an earlier topic.

I wrote: "Editors are like puppies, a project isn't theirs untill they've piddled on it"

First of all this was just a joke, even if no smily face followed it. Secondly in my defense I was just repeating a joke made by someone else. I have nothing but respect for editors. I work for a publishing company, and very much like the editors I know.

This was originally a comment made by Tom Kidd the artist when talking about a painting I bought from him. Have you ever seen a book cover that doesn't match the story inside. The painting Tom was talking about is an example of this. He showed a Sphinx in the book in his illustration, but the editor said this isn't "Science Fiction" looking enough and demanded Tom add something furturistic to the Sphinx. So to finish the job he did and the final version can be seen at: spellcaster.com/tomkidd/FreedomBeach.htm

What the editor didn't know was Tom had put masking tape on the painting and added the extra work on top of that, so once the painting was copied, he removed the extra junk and had the original image underneath that was true to the story. He had made his remark in response to his frustration with that editor. (although I cleaned up the language a little). I do think it's a funny line.

However, I do like editors, and am thankful for the quality work the folks at Atlas have produced.

Yes. Many book covers by W. Siudmak fall into that category. I mean... look at that, and tell me what it's about.

He was definitely on something mind-bending when he did that. lol


In the Ring of Fire series, they make a joke of this. THe book covers, which are never accurate to the contents, are recruting posters for the USE navy, or are prophaganda pamphlets, or postage stamps in the USE, so things like that. I was kind of disappointed that the cover of Ring of Fire 2 was actually a good representation of one of the planes. There was no story potential in it.