I got some questions about the rules

I just bought "Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends" and I played it once. It was very fun (I'm used to play Talisman and Munchkin by the way ^^) but I got some questions about the rules:

  1. Some cards give the monsters abilities like: "win a magic attack: hero is tipped" but on their side we can see the magic attack symbol with a circle and not a diamond. Does it mean that this also allows a monster to attack with that attack type? (for example: Fiendish Blood Hunger card)

  2. How can I get rid of boons that I don't want anymore? I can't discard them so does it mean I am stuck with them for the rest of the game?

  3. When a card says "opponent discards a X of his choice" can he discard it from his hand? (for example: Gelatinous Blob card which makes the opponent discard a treasure card)

  4. Dungeonlord cards that are instant cards - can they be played during another player's Dungeonlord phase? (for example, Dimensional Snare card)

  5. The Mystic Combination quest can be solved by a 5-4-3 instead of a 3-4-5?

  6. How many times can you try a certain quest in a single turn? (if it doesn't say anything on the card) for example: Cryptic Doors quest

  1. Not sure I understand the question. Circle = attack (and can counter-attack) Diamond = counter-attack only.

  2. You are stuck with boons. Just like you are stuck with the skill of being able to read these words. :slight_smile:

  3. No. Only cards in play have an effect. Cards in hand do not.

  4. "Instant" has nothing to do with when it can be played, that is how long it stays in play. The times to play are: Dungeonlord, Hero, Response, and Anytime.

  5. Yes.

  6. As many times as you have movements available. Note that monsters and heroes can only initiate 1 attack per turn each. (so for a "slay" Quest the monster attacks once, then at the cost of a movement the hero can attack)