I hate Bugs!

I hate bugs so much that you must destroy all insects and all clandestine monitoring devices with your choice of no more than three of the following:

Aluminium Cans, Bongos, Clipboards, Coffee, Kittens, Magnets, and Yo-Yos.

You will be graded on thoroughness, media coverage, and creativity. Extra consideration will be given for providing ecological stability after the bugs are gone.

Your TA thanks you,

I hadn't thought of the "pick only X of the following" option. I like it.

I've been developing a concept called "resonance drugs". Essentially, the theory is that with the right energy-wavelength, any given chemical's effects on a given body can be reproduced without actually introducing the chemical. Safe, pain-free, reusable, and great for killing bugs without spreading pesticides everywhere.

So. Imagine if you will, an aluminum can; you can carry it fairly well anywhere. Normally not a great transmitter, but the whole device doesn't need to be a transmitter; it can be focused out one end. Just pull the top and it starts. The interior transmitter is powered by coffee and magnets. So each of these devices is spreading the effect of coffee into the surrounding landscape, simultaneously making the tiny hearts of all the insects hyperactivate and explode, and having the same result on the electronics as if you had spilled coffee on it.

Meanwhile, it gives everyone else a great buzz. (I don't want to go into what happens if a bunch of people have them in the same place at the same time, but decimating the population has to be good for the environment, right?)

raidingparty - as the only entrant, with a successful plan - is awarded the victory point.

That is all,
Neil - The TA.