I have some explaining to do :D

The Table of Contents has been posted.


I am still waiting on the official word lifting the NDA. But when I do, I will handle questions and discussions here in this thread. A lot of this material will have a heavy impact on this saga. However, a lot of that comes from ideas already inspired and at play in this saga. I have even been setting up little hooks in anticipation of this thing coming out :smiling_imp:

Sounds great. We can really hit the ground running when it comes out.

Yes, my hometown even gets its own entry, twice, that's great!!! :smiley:

Btw, I have a few pics of an old church nearby I want to post to you, I figured you'd like it.

Post away :smiley:
One day I want to gather those pics, the ones Xavi has collected, and ones I have tracked down. Gather them all together in some sort of thread or folder or sideshow.