I know I shouldn't but...sigh...good venues for a PbP?

I know I shouldn't...and if I did I should run Amber of Pendragon or Nobilis or something but...well, I'm trapped in a D&D only city at the moment, so...

I'm thinking of running a PbP game.

Any thoughts on good venues?

Please don't try to fill the game yet, I need time to come up with settings, stories, play rates and so on.

Which edition of Pendragon?
You might get some interest from the White Wolf boards.
Pendragon Forum

Ah, no, I misspoke myself. If I had any sense I'd run a Pendragon game...but I'm thinking of an Ars one.

I have to wonder where all the Ars Magica players in Sydney are.
None of them seem to be online , or will admit to it anyway.

Can't help you with venues for an online game , as i have never used any of them.

The only venues I'm familiar with are ENWorld.org's Play-by-Post subforums [enworld.org/forumdisplay.php?f=62] and RoleplayOnline [rpol.net/]. Both work just fine. :slight_smile: Rpol.net provides a lot more options (groups, character-avatars, ability to send messages to specific members, a direct link to a character sheet...), but I find ENWorld to have a better, smoother interface and appearance.

I suspect recruiting for an Ars game would be easier at RPOL.net, although I'm not sure. ENWorld is large, and I myself had recruited two PbPs there. (You could always recruit here, on RPG.net, the Berklist and so on too.)

I'm afraid I won't e able to participate anyways. :frowning: Too many other roleplaying (and other) obligations.

Aye Davsia - other forests to roam...

When I started one on RPOL.net, I got a ton of responses very quickly. I ended up with a larger group than I was expecting because of all the interest, but still had several players that had to be turned away.

Uh oh! :slight_smile:


(The one who played Eilonwy in your Tintagel PBeM)

KenK! You weren't abducted by aliens! Welcome back to the community, man!

It's almost worth running this just to give Eilonwy her shot. I hope you pitched her for the open call?

I've decided against an Ars PbP as SG for now. Each time I start writing it, I stop and go "Oh, darn. That bit is from Book X." where Book X is any of the books I'm NDA on.

So, I'll just do a Nobilis one instead, over on RPG.net.

Sorry to get up the hopes of anyone hanging out for a game.

I'm feeling so sorry for your misery... NOT. [grumble]I wish I had that kind of trouble[/grumble]

I'm almost sorrier I can't join. Nobilis looks like a great game, and I never played it... :frowning:

You could run a closed PbP game for the authors. :wink:

Talk about herding cats. LOL.

Or people who have signed the NDA.

Not abducted by aliens. I still lurk both here and on the Berkeley list. I got discouraged on the other list, both by the unwholesome tone of discourse and by my judgment that my deviant offerings were generally not useful to people.

I thought about writing up a magus or maga for the open call. But not Eilonwy. For all that I too remember her fondly, I don't know how to build her using canonical 5th edition rules, if only because I own none of the supplements. (IIRC, weren't the open call magi supposed to be created using the core rules?)

When I saw that you were thinking about running an AM5 game, I felt the stirrings of temptation, even though when it comes to PBEM games I ought to know better! If you change your mind yet again, let me know. I wouldn't run Eilonwy--she belonged to Tintagel. But there are other characters where she came from.

As for Nobilis.... fond smile