i know this is silly but....

has anyone done the smurfs in ars magica?
just a question because the show is set in meadevil times.

Nope. I did them as a Posergang in Cyberpunk 2020.

Ars Magica... it might work in certain styles of campy or goofy medieval roleplaying, but for the predominant style of play I think it would go as well as oil and water.


Nope. I did them as a Posergang in Cyberpunk 2020.

Now THAT's a great idea. Nice. I had a lot of fun with that game back in the day.


Magnum Smurf, Chopper Smurf, and the Street Smurfurai... a bunch of other... and only one Smurfette.

Good times.

I must confess that I did them once as Faeries (and can now never use them,since my Players at least lurk here).I had a real blast doing them ,but never the guts to use them .
(Gargamel the EX-MISC was hilarious) :blush:

I've tried to establish myself as a rules ridgid, by the book, nothing wild kind of player. A regular spoil sport. Having said that, I did introduce the Frums, which were orange and 'two apples high'.

No one got till I pointed out that orange is 'opposite' blue on the color wheel and Frums spelled backwards is....

The Frums were living in a regio that was under threat by rabbits and the company of Nurakrah had to move the Frums to a safer home.

The best part of the adventure was stuff like, "Frums need frum for frum. Please frum us. Hurry, the frumity's are fruming!"

If I could give you a Rep Point or something I would......

lol,this was my attempt at humor,hope it was succesful.

[color=red]ROFLMFAO! :stuck_out_tongue: :unamused: :confused:

You, sir, are an evil, evil, evil man. ;D

Closest I've done is a group of lizards living in a swamp, led by a lizard who thinks (or may very well be, for all I know) that he's an ordained priest.