I like Criamon

I just wanted to say that after picking up Mystery Cults and playing a Criamon magus for a while, I really like the new take on House Criamon. I can spew off mystical "nonsense" that makes sense to me while sounding totally insane. I am interested in specific things, the SG knows just what to put in to pique my interest. And all this flowing from the House's description.

I've not played the character for a lot of time (some 5 sessions, two seasons in game-time). I've yet to interact witth the House, and other Criamon magi. But so far, I'm really enjoying the ride. :slight_smile:


Because of Mystery Cults, if I make a magus to play in my current saga (currently I'm the sole SG), it very likely will be a Criamon.

I had never wanted to play a Criamon before, and probably would not even have wanted one in my game.

Having no knowledge of Criamon in previous editions, I must say I enjoy them in 5th. Bolth their philosophy and methods are quite pleasing to my tastes.

I agree, they have really made Criamon interresting in 5th ed. The potential in a Criamon character has increased enormously, roleplaying wise.