I need a patron saint

Anyone know what the patron saint of the time period would be for miners or mines? Barbara is often named, but her association with mining seems more tied with explosives, so I don't think this patronage would be period-correct. The other name that keeps coming up is St. Anne.

Does anyone know more?

Thanks in advance.

A bit of searching found a little more at least:

* Joseph of Arimathea
* Piran
* Anne
* Barbara
* Eligius
* Leonard of Noblac
* Virgen of Rosario

Thanks. I did find that stuff online as well. Most references point you to Barbara, but I fear that she's not period correct because of the explosives thing. The most 'direct' one seems to be Anne. I was just wondering if anyone else knew any better.

Thanks again.

Which region and mining for what, please? Pirian, in the response given you, is the Cornish patron of tin miners, for example.

These would be limestone quarrymen on the Picardy / Champagne border. I'm not sure if the geology is historically accurate but that's what we've decided for campaign purposes. Some of the quarry activity might be underground in caves.


That's a list from heiligenlexikon.de. As it looks like miners needed much protection ...

Agatha von Catania, Prokopius von Sazava, Albertus Magnus, Andreas, Anna, Antonius von Padua, Barbara, Bartholomäus, Benedikt von Nursia, Christophorus, Clemens I., Daniel, David, Dorothea, Eligius, Georg der Märtyrer, Kinga von Polen, Leonhard von Noblat, Paphnutius von Ägypten, Patrick von Irland, Raphael, Vitus (Veit)

Maybe David is a good choise as he is only the patron for miners. All others are responisble for many vocations.

Barbara is a good choise, too. She is one of the 14 Holy Helpers and as such a Saint appealed by many peoply.

Clemens I. seems to be appropriate for people working with stone ...