I need a suffragan or auxiliary Bishop for Canterbury

So, its 1220, and Stephen Langton is the Archbishop of Canterbury. He must attend to matters of court, as well as remain in constant communication with Rome. So, who then tends to the diocese of Canterbury, which includes the county of Kent? His assistant - the auxiliary bishop with responsibility for running the diocese while the Archbishop is busy with grand affairs of state. But it is this bishop who will have most impact on my covenant in Gravesend, Kent and the religious Magi who therin reside.

Who is he? Does anyone know? Wikipedia only goes so far.



maybe already Hugh de Burgh who will be count of Kent from 1227 after the archibischop death? but I guess it is not...

you could invent the name of your bischop then...

Henry de Sandford was the archdeacon of Canterbury, in post 1213-1226 (when he became the bishop of Rochester). (source:http://www.british-history.ac.uk/source.aspx?pubid=123) The archdeacon (only one Pre-Reformation) would normally take on those duties he could on behalf of his bishop/archbishop. I couldn't find a record of an appointed suffragan - but that doesn't mean that there wasn't one.