I want to gain a new Difficult Art... but there's no Tradition Lore and I'm unGifted

  1. you can find a supernatural being to grant you the virtue
  2. You can (if compatible) go on pilgrimage to try and gain the virtue.
  3. you can create your own mystery cult and develop the lore
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I doubt that the Matematici are an MC, and their Lore is not a Tradition Lore like those described under HMRE p.11ff. But it is an Organization Lore which serves for the purpose of Initiations into Hedge Tradition Virtues as the Organization Lore of a MC serves for Initiation into the MC's Virtues.

HMRE never mentions anything called a Tradition Lore, only Organization Lores for the various traditions.

The rules in TM:RE and HoH:MC are for Hermetic Mystery Cults, and one should not assume all those rules apply unchanged to non-hermetic traditions. Some of those do not include the (Organization) Lore when calculating their Initation Totals, for example.

It would make sense (meta game) to have an ability to develop initiations based on realm lore, the way Christians can 'initiate' with pilgrimages.

Maybe using realm lore to invent an organization lore which would allow people to gain 4 or so specific realm appropriate virtues a la traditions of sacred magic favored abilities.

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Also worth noting that ROP:D indicates that the rules from the Mysteries should be used for initiating holy methods within a tradition as well.