I want to play a wizard

I'm looking for an ArM5 PbP game (to play a magus). I'm on an allotment of 1, and my current one fell through... I can promise to post (almost) daily, and ain't too picky about House or whatever. I usually end up with a Pagan/Wilderist character unless the saga calls for something different, though...


You are always welcome at Andorra :smiley:

Id love to join Marko. I've been trying to read up a bit on the saga - but there is a lot to read, and I'm not sure what to read - I'm not even sure who the active magi are, especially with that spat you seem to have had with one player. Can you give me some guidance here? What do I need to read? How much past apprenticeship is the magus?

Given the Flambeau focus, I'm thinking of a Flambeau Mercurian pagan magus, that sees magic as deriving from daimons, built around Premonitions and Divinations that point him into the service of these daimons. Is that acceptable?

You only need to read what your character would already know.If he would reasonably not know (which may be likely), then you only need to read what interests you personally.
The five key facts you will need to know:
Flambeau was Spanish, born of a noble Romano-Visigoth family.
His name was Reculed Annaeus Seneca and his master's name was Delendar.
Flambeau died in a final battle against his enemies, and the only surviving witness of said battle was his apprentice Delendos.
The the Knights of Seneca (and this covenant in Andorra) were originally founded by Delendos.
Elaine may have secretly been Flambeau's daughter and was actually the apprentice of both Apromor and Delendos.

Otherwise, there is a little promising saga (Fire in the North) with only 2 current players and the SG (for a total of 3 magi) who can perhaps appeal you :slight_smile:.

See the forum here.

i would be happy to join Fire in the North, if there is room

Thanks ExarKun, but I already committed to Andorra, and I can only afford one saga, time-wise. :slight_smile: