Iberian Covenants

I am prepping for two separate adventures in Iberia, which may cross streams, and am trying to plan ahead a bit. I have ToH: Iberia, and plan to simply update material as it seems relevant. One of the magi should be going after Conciatta's legacy shortly, and another is seeking a good translation of Ptolemy's Geography.

My current understanding of the covenants of Iberia are:

Jaferiya (destroyed)

Yuval's Mercer House (5th Edition)
and roughly six others.

One of these others will be Toledo Covenant (which I should find a better name for), a covenant of translators, scholars, astronomers, and a mix of religious groups.

Another is a large, unnamed, Tremere covenant.

I'm not aware of any other extant covenants. Suggestions?

It's possible the magi will wander a bit, and other suggestions for covenants / good locations /ideas are welcome.

There needs to be another Muslim-dominated covenant, probably one hidden somewhere (depending on how violent the Iberian Tribunal is IYS).

So far, I believe I need to whip up basic notes for:

Toledo - which should be a nexus of texts. I have some of this prepped.
A "Roman"/ Muslim covenant in the south
Possibly another in the Balearic Islands (one of the companions is Balearic)
A Flambeau covenant in the north
A Tremere covenant, possibly the same as the Flambeau covenant
A Winter covenant, home of Praeco Terrace (who became Praeco in 1210, and I will say is still alive), possibly the same as the two above. This may be the home of Archmage Karandus, a figure in the Shadow Wars.

Other than Toledo, I only need to do a very basic outline until I know otherwise.

Technically, according to the Iberia book, Jaferiya is destroyed but the Shadow Flambeau are still active in Iberia until the 1260s. I suspect I will use them as a rumor and menace - this works for my plot. In any case, Jaferiya isn't a covenant, and not a place to visit.

Well I did create a research covenant in the Ebro valley, Dar al-Nujum, "the House of Stars" that I published initially in Sub Rosa and then on my blog. It has a Tremere "political officer" although is not technically a Tremere covenant as such.

Oh and I made some notes for Marko's "Light of Andorra" Campaign, with some suggestions for updating Barcelona to 1220:

  • see ToH: Iberia pages 75-90 for the original description, keep the flavour text for Barcelona, pages 47-53 and 59-69

  • throw out all the "Demons in Barcelona" section, pages53-59, there is no shard of caligo heart

  • the covenant lies in a lacunae, explaining it's magical aura

  • it is now slipping into Winter as all the former magi have pursued their own interests and Constans and Erus Pavo have little interest in the daily running of the covenant and even the new head of the covenant, Odo, ascribes to the Petrus of Verdun philosophy that Jerbiton should follow the pursuit of their individual interests and maintain Jerbiton only covenants, despite the recent catastrophe of the Fall of the City. This has made Barcelona unpopular with the younger Antigonic magi who might have revitalised this failing covenant.

  • timeline has advanced to 1220 with the following consequences:

** all mundane characters are 23 years older
*** Andreau is now 60
*** Matteau is now 47 and likely retired as a bouncer or killed in a fight, his replacement is a young Basque emigre, just as prone to showing off
(the new bouncer carries his bracelet with the effect of calming a person (ReMe 15, Eye, Diameter, Individual))
*** Vincent remains indeterminate of age and still works as the stablehand
*** (Pol is now 50 and has left Farusca's service after she retires, showing up at another covenant)

**all magi are now 23 years older
*** Farusca is now 87 (looks 55) and has retired to mundane Barcelona society, and has an agreement not to be revealed as a magus with the current head of the covenant, she has taken to writing lyric poetry and composing troubadour songs
***Carles filius Qiffara is now 100 (looks 67) and similarly all but "retired" and never attends covenant meetings and his cat, Noscur hails from the Black Lineage (see RoP: Magic); he has begun to train an emigre Antigone apprentice to help in his shop, Constantine Qiffara, who will be dispatched on his own Itinerarium soon
*** (Franc Severel) is now 117 (but still looks barely 55), his cover exposed, he has stage his own death, married and moved to another covenant in southern France amd his estate has been willed to his "nephew", a pre-Antigonic Jerbiton magus named Constans Hispanus / Marc Severel
*** (Matlus has passed into Final Twilight), his filia, Agorsila has written a book on his ramblings equivalent to a Summae on Barcelona Lore, Level 3, Quality 8 but has left Iberia

**there are three new members of the covenant:
*** Odo of Montpellier, Farusca's chosen successor and maintainer of the peace, followers the Petrus of Verdun policy; he is the only Hermetically active member of the covenant, a traditionalist who fights to maintain Barcelona's unique status
*** Constans Hispanus, Franc Severel's hardnosed, mercantile focussed Theban heir (later helps found Catalan Athens community) expanding the Catalan maritime empire
*** Erus Pavo "The Peacock Lord", a vain young Jerbiton troubadour magus with Catharist sympathies

Hopefully these ideas are useful