IC: Covenant Correspondence

This thread is reserved for mail sent to the covenant.

Your magi are often busy. Even when you get to see your sodali for dinner in the main hall, you might not have the time to have the important conversation you really want, to say things the way you really want, with the words that give your thoughts their appropriate gravitas.

Fortunately, you are literate! There is always sufficient time to compose your thoughts and set quill to paper.

By Hermetic tradition, a Quaesitor cannot view correspondence of this kind except in situations where he can use InMe against you. This stuff is kept in a secure covenant vault, difficult to get to. And woe betide the magus who betrays his covenant by removing any such writings! The world is not large enough for him to hide from angry magi who will dispatch him to the traitor's hell where he belongs.

So feel free to have those long conversations. Hold forth at length. Even when you are in the middle of nowhere, feel free to write at length, as long as you do not discuss your current adventure, or anyone else's.

Every word is IC, though 'translated' from Hermetic Latin into modern English.

NB: Many PbPs bog down or feel contrived because conversations either begin to look like speeches or letters, or each email has only a sentence or two. Sometimes characters who are not even there find ways to suddenly join interesting conversations. Now, your magi can communicate as they were meant to, via correspondence!

Salvetete sodales,
using the magic pylons that allow us to travel so generously, I've experienced shifts of time like between two monks prayers when traveling to Spain.
It seems that people in our part of the world get up earlier than in other parts of the world and go to bed earlier too. How can the sun send his light to Russia first and to Europe later? There must be an astronomical explanation for the phenomenon, for it seems hardly likely that these magical contraptions break the limit of time.
I suspect it has something to do with the shape of our planet, but I find myself incapable of calculating the details, let alone using them.
This may be a way of escaping the weakening effects of sunrise and sunset forever - so please share your thoughts and observations on the topic.
Maybe you know knowledgeable magi in the order who can help us understand this or borrow us books on this.
Gratefully awaiting your learned reponse,
Your humble scholar,
Arnaut ex Jerbiton