IC: Dispatches to the Order of Hermes

This thread is reserved for your correspondence with the Order of Hermes.

Just as Julius Caesar wrote to the Senate about his doings in Gaul, and eventually published a book of modest note :slight_smile:, your character shapes his reputation by telling people about his adventures.

Whether you are a Jerbiton who enjoys life at court, a Criamon who enjoys exotic herbs that expand awareness or a Tremere hoplite who pretends not to enjoy his work quite as much as he does, this is where you tell people your stories, your way. Your character can tell the unvarnished truth if he wants, make up stories that didn't happen, or anything between.

Everything written here must be completely IC--except for our use of modern English rather than Hermetic Latin.

Dear sodales,

the regulated life at my Covenant is nothing for me, because it keeps me from atoning for the sins of my youth. I hereby publicly renounce my membership in the covenant of Parum Sanctus Bellum and all rights it contains.
Letters to me can be posted to the Inn "El Reo" in Toledo until I find a new covenant in Provence, Iberia, or at Valnastium.

I wish the covenant of Parum Sanctus Bellum a long and prosperous life.

Your humble scholar,

Arnaut ex Jerbiton