Idea for a new Ex Miscellanea Tradition: Shadow Manipulation

Idea of concept for Ex Miscellanea tradition
Shadow manipulation is an accelerated ability, based on different idea I got through series and internet, I stay open to suggestions ideas toward the creation of this Major supernatural virtue
[size=150]Shadow Manipulation Tradition[/size]

Major supernatural virtue : Shadow Manipulation *
Minor hermetic Virtue : Harnessed Magic
Minor hermetic flaw i[/i]: Flawed Power ( Need light to be able to work on)
Major Hermetic flaw : Environmental Magic Condition ( During Night)

Shadow Manipulation : A character with this ability is able to stretch, use or suppress his own shadow in order to interact with others or his environment. The basic range of this ability is normally quite short up to 10m and can affect normal individual (Size 0 max) and the maximum capacity of stretch is limited to 50m adding the corresponding the difficulty level to maximize it

If someone or something else shadow is affected by this ability,the caster can control the owner of the affected shadow to some extent.

This an ability which need to be used against an ease factor grid to determine the level of difficulty and the success of the attempt.

Casting total : Perception +Ability +Aura Modifier +die roll (Stressed)

Penetration total : Casting Total +Penetration Score -Ease Factor

Throwing Object via shadow : (Finesse +Per)/2 +Dice (Stress) vs normal ease factor

[tableborder][tr][td]Ease Factor[/td][td]Possible Effect[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+3[/td] [td]Distinguish all type of shadows around[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+6[/td] [td]Mark another shadow, Slightly change the color, Stretch it[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+9[/td] [td]Ability to move while using the ability, Suppress your own shadow[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+12[/td] [td]Affect the shadow of someone else (Paralyse) or something else (throwing object)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+15[/td] [td]Solidify your own shadow in order to grab object and bring them to you, use your shadow as a piercing weapon (Lance)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+18[/td] [td]Divide an stretch your shadow to act as a group of weapon, Totally ,Control the movement of someone else.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+21[/td] [td]Hide yourself in the shadow of someone else[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+24[/td] [td]Create an arcane connection with the shadow of someone else[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Adding Effect
[tableborder][tr][td]Level of Difficulty to add[/td][td]Special Changes[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+3[/td][td]Affect a pair[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+3[/td][td]Size of the material Target (up to Size+2)[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+6[/td][td]Affect a group[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+3[/td][td]Reach up to 20m[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]+6[/td][td]Reach up to 50m[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

But as well require to roll the grid to determine the duration of the spell.

Duration choice (Up to) = Stamina + Ability Score +Concentration +Dice (Simple Dice) =/> Ease Factor
[tableborder][tr][td]Duration[/td][td]Ease Factor[/td][/tr]

Working toward different breakthrough could be such as, Target Pair, or Hermetic Breakthrough a new form : Shadow

Some small things I would change in the wording (way way not a expert here it just sounds funny to me as it is now);

"affected shadow to some point." => affected shadow to some extent.

"This an ability which" => This is an ability which

Over all I like it, very Naruto-esk. =)

Two questions, should there not be a ease factor added if you have a very strong light source? That should make your shadow "stronger", easier to control or more powerful, right?

The second thing I would like to address is if you have multiple light sources you have multiple shadows. You should be able to control these separately but it should be hard (sort of multiple casting spells). Very good and nicely done =)

Very good question

I would say if there is multiple shadow it is the same difficulty as affecting a group, since you divide your shadow for doing it.

Extra light will compensate the issue you could have with the minor hermetic flaw at best, i look for insight from everyone

And I agree the inspiration came from Naruto and my discussion about shadow and invisibility, creating a new form (Shadow) could be a way to trying to integrate it deeper to some point into hermetic magic as well.
but i thought actually it was a great idea to be added as an Ex Miscellanea traditions

Group or pair, depends on the number of shadows you plan to controle. But pair seems "to easy"

I based the level of difficulty based on the hermetic target of difficulty
Individual = 0 magnitude
Groupe = +2 Magnitude
Pair : doesnt existe but can be research as a breakthrough and would fairly consider as a +1 magnitude

Thats why for shadow manipulation, i thought would be nice to affect
individual (0 added difficulty)
groupe (+6)
and finally pair (+3)

But how would you change that im interested :slight_smile:

Well given that pair is not something you have from the start I would be fine. That way i, thematically, would be either you control your shadow with precision or "target everything". Sort of a uncontrolled rage effect.

It is just that I was thinking having your shadow do two separate things might be trickier then having it effect a group of people (their shadows might very well be overlapping, meaning you technically only needed your one shadow).

The problem is you don't want to much it down with to many rules either that would make players not want to use it. It needs to be very simple or intuitive, best of course to be both. =)

And as now how do you think it is ? has it potential, some nerf should be done ?

Think it looks good, to early to say anything about nerfs (nothing that looks OP), you have to play some with it to see what type of situations that will arise and how you might use it.

But do mind that I am not that familiar with 5th edition so I am not the best to ask on noticing other then big potential abuses. =)

I would probably remove the mandatory minor Flaw, and make the Major Hermetic Flaw something like a Necessary Condition: your magic does not work if your shadow is not around (visible).

I would also try to simplify the Major non-Hermetic Virtue. This varies a lot depending on what you want to do. I'd probably make it something that allows the user to change and even detach his own shadow, moving it around freely and very quickly (and perceive through it). The shadow has Second Sight, and can interact with immaterial beings in the same way that a NightWalker can.

A nice Minor Hermetic Virtue to go with both would be that you can cast your magic through your shadow, even when it is detached.

The different difficulty levels listed suggest a range of uses, so it can be used for images, a weapon, making an arcane connection to someone else's shadow....this makes it look like a virtue that gives an accelerated ability that allows you to do a lot. I would be wary about allowing in an ability that allows too many things - for example compare it to Whistling up the wind, which allows a modest range of wind-related uses, or Warding, which is very powerful but only lets you do wards.

How is the duration determined?
Is it caster chooses then makes a roll vs static target number? The notation =/> isn't completely clear, I suppose it is equal or greater than.

Holding a person in place by holding their shadow in place is really thematic. I like it, but it does open up the question of what happens when the shadow is outside of a target's magic resistance but the effect doesn't penetrate. Does it just leaver the target's shadow in place while they go about their business, perhaps not even noticing?

The ability can throw things by quickly moving a shadow then having the object attached to the shadow follow because it is attached. It can eventually control things by controlling the shadows. These are fun ideas, but they do give the new ability a lot of applicability sort of a rego anything that casts a shadow in regards to movement.

The abilities of changing 2 dimensional shadows into three dimensional solid objects (weapons and a solid personal shadow to retrieve things) is harder for me to visualize, as a result I'm not as taken by them.

I share darkwing's concern about the power. Compare this to Enchantment, which isn't even an accelerated ability, it's not clear that you'd rather have 160 xp in enchantment (level 7) than 80 xp in shadow manipulation (level 12). With an ExMiscelania tradition we're talking about adding the power to magi so balance issues are somewhat less important (xp in shadow manipulation are xp not invested in arts).

MMm true.... i had some consideration and thinking about does the shadow is include in the parma, as Bonisagus didnt thought about i dont think it will, but Shadow could carry form resistance of its owner. Which would be if i could just a challenge to penetrate.

The caster draw a roll and every thing that go further than the duration ease factor can be used, which roleplay seeking how much the caster have to searcher deeper in his own reserve of stamina to be able to determine how long he is able to manipulate his own shadow.
And yes =/> mean Superior or Equal ( didnt found any symbol on the forum to explain it :/)

The advantage of this ability toward Rego Casting would be i would say, the user dont have to pronounce anyword to use it, wich mean in presence of a high populated area being able to track a person, or open thing in a highly discretion, acting magically in those environmental criteria are very often critical for magus .

If i could say turning shadow in a 3d dimensional object would be like manipulation your shadow, stretching, dividing it , would turn like tentacle like Daniel Jensen said very naruto like ( i did really enjoy some of their thinking)

Im sorry and this show my true limit if knowledge i dont understand what do you mean with :

Enchantment is a major supernatural virtue in the core book that grants a supernatural ability, when compared to shadow manipulation, another major supernatural virtue that grants a supernatural ability, I'm not certain that enchantment would be the more powerful choice, even if the character with twice as many experience points. You can put decades of effort into trying to achieve mechanical balance and you still won't please everyone, (see HERO system for an example). But in light of its apparent superiority to enchantment we should at least give shadow manipulation's balance a pretty close look.

Entrancement rather than Enchantment?

I'm baffled no one mentioned Obtenebration yet.

It is a powefull WoD Vampire discipline and i guess you can borrow some ideas from it