Idea for a new Muspelli patron: Vafthrudnir

I'm thinking about introducing a Muspelli character into the current Saga I'm running, and as none of the patrons really fit the concept of the character, I figured I'd try my hand at making my own. The character is meant to be a potential enemy or ally based on how the party interacts with him, and his patron I'm thinking is going to be Vafthrudnir, the jotun whom Odin challenges to a quiz, and eventually beats by Odin asking him a question that only Odin or the dead Baldr could answer. (There is a wikipedia article on him, but since this is my first post, can't link it, haha) Here's what I have so far, presented in the format featured in Rival Magic.

Vafthrudnir the Wise

(I dont have a general discription of him yet because I'm unsure where he'd fit in Ars Magica's version of Norse mythology.)

Gandur: A wooden staff with runic carvings of the history of the Jotun along the length.

Closest Allies: Losing a contest of wits due to not having knowledge possessed by the dead, Vafthrudnir now consults with Leikin to learn from the underworld's denizens. Urdur is also considered an important font of knowledge thanks to her prophecies.

Followers: Those who serve Vafthrudnir tend to be travelling scholars, venturing out of the frozen reaches of northern Europe to gather knowledge of the world at large. Whether generalists or specialists, Muspelli of this patron show the same lust for knowledge as their master; many like to prove themselves as more knowledgeable than others, either through competitions or teaching. When summoning the aspect of Vafthrudnir, Muspelli must be prepared to share with, and hopefully impress, the Jotun with knowledge they've uncovered since last summoning. Vafthrudnir's followers have an interest in the Order of Hermes and their secrets, which can either lead to confrontation or cooperation with Magi of the order, depending on the Muspelli and Magi in question.

Favored Powers: Shapeshifter(sometimes, a fresh, inhuman perspective is needed to make breakthroughs), Sjonhverfing(Sometimes one must obscure knowledge from others), Entrancement(To force others to reveal what they know), Spadomur(obviously). Either: Second Sight and Valgaldrar (from Leikin) or:Threads of Fate and Premonitions (from Urdur)

Initiatory Major Flaw: (Not sure on this one, maybe Driven? Any ideas would be appreciated!)

Common Virtues: Animal Ken, Educated, Good Teacher, Student of Realm(Magic), Well-Traveled, Common Sense, Arcane Lore.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you have on this. And if anyone has though of new Muspelli patrons as well, I'd love to hear about them too.

The initiatory major flaws so far are all quite horrific (blind, deaf, mute, crippled, enfeebled, no self-confidence) so as to make a player pause for thought before they take the virtue, but as General flaws don't apply in Jotun-form so your big bad NPC is unaffected while rampaging as a giant. (The exception is horrifying appearance, as a three-headed giant will suffer the penalty in human and jotun forms).The major general flaws not used are Dwarf, Magical Air, No Hands, Poor. Dwarf is terrible for people with giant powers, Magical Air can't be taken by those with the gift, Poor is moot as wizards tend to fall outside normal wealth/poverty rules.

So either you'd be looking for no hands (perhaps the patron lost his hands to the Aesir in battle) or inventing a new major General flaw or imposing Blatant Gift (the wise giant is so obviously magical even shapeshifted he repels everyone).

Checking for a list of general flaws not in the main rulebook, Leprosy (from HoH:S) or the Falling Evil (from Grogs) might work. Essential Flaw (from RoP:M) may work if you can find a way of wording it that will hamper the Muspelli in human form. From the supernatural flaws list, Age Quickly or Horrifying Appearance look best.


The key thing about a Jotun patron is that they want to destroy the world. I'm not really seeing this with your proposed patron. Bear in mind that the Muspelli were designed as enemies for the Order of Hermes (or the world in general) and so antagonistic patrons make more sense. Clearly you want a patron for a PC and so you are after someone a little less genocidal. The most benign of the the patrons in Rival Magic is Urdur, and she isn't actively working towards Ragnarok -- her followers are told that it has been fated and cannot be stopped.

If I were to pick another benign patron I would go for Mimir*. He is Urdur's brother and the Jotun who taught the runes to Odin. He is a patron of wisdom and magic. His gandur would be a severed head (or the carving of one), representing his fate after the Aesir-Vanir war. There are some (obscure) sources which make him the father of the dwarfs, so the initiatory Major Flaw could be Dwarf. This would make the Etin-Mod all the more surprising! The dwarfs are the seven primal smiths of the Norse creation epic, and Mimir would be all about creative forces as well as wisdom.

Mimir's reasons for pursuing Ragnarok could be the same as his sister's -- it is fated. However, Mimir is concerning himself with the creation of a refuge (Hoddmimis holt) that will outlast the Twilight of the Gods, and he is responsible for building a new world once the destruction has taken place. His Muspelli would be interested in choosing who is worthy to survive.

*[Mimir was one of the Jotnar I considered but rejected for Rival Magic]



First time on the board, so hopefully I'm doing this correctly.

The idea of a benevolent Mimir patron Muspelli seems intriguing. I'm curious what Supernatural Abilities you assigned to this patron. Or did you not get that far before deciding to not include Mimir as a patron?

I'm guessing Urdur would be one ally and Aegir as another?

If running with the idea of Mimir being the father of the dwarfs, would you make one of his Supernatural Abilities be Lesser Craft Magic?