idea posiblity

idea(not sure how to make it though)
arcane grafts!
tell me what you think of this idea & how it could possiblly be made please!

An idea I just had that is a way these MIGHT be handled in sort of like arcane tatoos.

I have no idea how arcane tattoos are treated. Well, unless you mean the terrible description in the Wizard's Grimoire Revised Edition - I would stick to the core rules if I were you, you seem to have enough problems with them.
(I assume you play under 4e.)

As for grafts, it's an interesting idea. Magi can generally regenerate bodies so don't need them, but let us consider a magus that is missing an arm from birth. It's part of his Essential Nature, so it cannot be cured.
He can still choose to be constantly under the effect of a CrCo or perhaps MuCo effect, but let's say he prefares to ease up on the Warping (I'm working with ArM5) and create a prosthetic instead. It's a sensible idea, and an interesting predicament.

I think a silver hand can work well. He'll probably make it his talisman. A ReTe spell would be required to move it (IIRC, in ArM5, it would be something like level 10 (B 3, +2 steel/silver, +1 concentration) - using the fact that affecting the talisman is Personal rather than Touch range). The item needs to maintain concentration.
I'm not sure if that will work. It's possible an InMe effect would be needed, with the ReTe trigger linked to it, with unlimited frequency.

If the graft is to work for another target, then it is not a talisman and the range needs to be moved to Touch. Worse, the graft will need to penetrate the wearer's magic resistance to function.

Abe, how old are you?

The origins of AbRay have been discussed in great detail at the old board. Without trying to sound insulting, some have asked if AbRay is challenged, others have shown him writing with skill at other boards. Some have suggested the discrepancy between the skill he shows here and the skill he shows at others boards suggests he's playing with the lot of us. I know of people at this board that block his messages.

I have spent several hours trying to improve AbRay's skills and not suceeded. My observation is most people should not dedicate a lot of time to AbRay as it will only lead to frustration.

It's fun reading him, though. 8)

thanks mithral!( this is the best I can do on your name without looking at it,sorry)

Are you familiar with the fact that while responding to comments there is a bar on the right hand side of the screen? If you 'scroll' this down you can see the previous posts. This feature would allow you to look at the name of Mithriel so that you can spell it correctly. In fact a techique called "Cut and Paste" would allow you to grab his name and place it in your response. This would allow you to by pass the challenge of trying to spell it.

Pray, tell us more of this "Cut and Paste"! Perhaps it could be worthy of a tractatus, or at least a Librum Questionum, to educate neophytes in its more obscure uses!

Would it be a Creo, to fabricate a new version of an existing example, or more a Rego, to actually transfer the thing itself to two places at once. And would this challenge current Hermetic Theory?

Enquiring Hermetic minds want to know!

You're welcome, ab.

I think it would serve as a tracus on Profession:Scribe.

This is intrigueing. Yes, it must be Creo as Rego would move it from one location to the other. As we can see that the item "cut and paste" continues to exist at the original location then the 'pasted' version must be new- created rather than moved.

Hmmm. I like this.

And yet "Image from the Wizard Torn" is a ReIm (or was in 4th...)

That, I think, may be the one thing (out of a looong list) that I love best about Ars- that there is almost always more than one way to achieve a desired spell effect.

lol,also I didn't see it at the time.