[Ideas for new spell]

Whispers of Alexander's Legacy
Creo Mentem 30

This allows a trained combat group (Max 10 persons) to be able to speak to each other without using their voices and instead use telepathic communication
thus making it easier for the group's leader to make his soldiers act in unison on the battlefield. In game terms it gives the leader +3 to his leadership and
profession: Soldier skills.

All soldiers in the group needs too carry a small pouch with a small arcane connection to his fellow group members, like a lock of hair ora small stone with a
rune that the other soliders have made representing themselves).

(Base: 3 (Form words in another person's mind), Range: Arcane Connection (+4), Duration: Diameter (+1), Target: Group(+2))

Is this overpowered, totally wrong or workable?

It would be Creo, but I think it works

Idea for the arcane connection: the group wears a unit belt (bracelet, headband) of braided leather. These are seasonally re-braided so that each has a thong from each other member.

Same might work for a wire chain.

This presupposes a unit with consistent membership, which may not be the case.

While such a spell is possible, the result you intend needs thorough discusion within your troupe:

The spell would help a trained group to sneak up on their enemies' position and to ambush them. But would it really boost anyone's Leadership or Profession: Soldier Abilities? Why?


My bad, it was meant to say Creo.
Fixed now.

I was thinking that it would make the Leadership score count as 3 higher when it comes to how much bonuses you get for leading the group. For example; say that a Grog commander has Leadership 5, he can then have 5 soldiers in the same group and he would get a bonus of maximum +15 to either attack or defense. This spell would make it so that the leader would still have max 5 soldiers, but he can bring up the bonus to a max of +24 as he and his soldiers can communicate uninterrupted by other sounds and constantly be in contact.

The +3 to Profession soldier should be focused on rolls only related to tactics and in combat rolls.

ArM5 p.171ff Combat is quite abstract, and verrry sensitive to modifications based on imagination of how the Abilities used with it are applied. So your troupe needs to review any change there very carefully.
I wouldn't understand, why bothering fighters engaged in close combat with a continuous stream of added informations and requests for such would enhance their performance in any way. I don't see ArM5 p.65 Leadership in ArM5 combat as information crunching at all.

Which in-combat rolls of Profession: Soldier does your troupe usually request?


I like it, although to what degree the bonus applies is the contentious point. Perhaps the bonus should be a range, say 1-3 depending on the degree of surprises and circumstances? The more unpredictable the more the bonus would apply?

I was thinking of a similar spell using both Cr and In amongst a group which allows for a "sixth sense" to others in terms of combat situational awareness. More like forming a gestalt between the group.
And a similar affect between two opponents, except just using In to better predict their actions. I was thinking of this being an Init and Defense bonus.