I'dlove to see covenants posted

I'd love to see covenants posted here, the way characters are.
I hope to post pretty soon one I'm working on in MC.

I'm cheating by using 4th Ed Triamore as my covenant setting , though modified using the 5th Ed rules.
Having maps , location , npcs and plot hooks already in place is a boon for me to work with.

If Triamore did not exist , i would have used Brother Cadfaels Shrewsbury.

There are some really wacky covenants out there , so i would also like to see how creative people have been.
Or even posting Labs.
One of my players has the characters lab completely filled with water for example.

Weakling.... Presteris Ex Flambeau has his lab inside a whirlpool :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to post Custodes Hiberniarum and Lumen Septentrionalis when I get a chance to do it.


So he can hold his laundry outside the lab door and have it washed , how mundane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the merfolk would haver some issues to see underwear moving freely through their realm :laughing:


I have Triamore too - check ou the website. I don't have it defined like a character though - cannot see the point at the rate we play

Have a look here



Excellent work! :smiley:
Such detail is often wasted on my players , one cares only for his xp fix
and the other wanders in a faerie daze.

Ravenscroft - it is wasted on most of my players too but why worry about them if you're enjoying building the site?

Well, I can throw up my game's covenant from its Metacreator sheet, if that is of interest?

That's a very, very impressive site.

Indeed. I read it all when I was building our current covenant. Plain awesome ammount of work there!


I'm impressed !!

grebas.gratisforo.net/t126-parti ... en-hilobia - One of the actual Covenatns that i am storytelling right now. In Spanish, sorry.